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5 Mistakes to Avoid in an IELTS Speaking Test

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Are you appearing for the IELTS test for the first time? Then, it is obvious that you will make some of these mistakes. These mistakes can be mostly related to vocabulary and grammar. Making any of these mistakes will lose your band score. If you want a 7 score or higher, you must try to sound more natural and include features that natives use when they talk.

During my 10 years of IELTS Dubai Training period, I have helped many students to go their test day as smoothly as possible. Here, we have put together an Infographic which describes some of the common IELTS mistakes you’re likely to make during your IELTS Speaking test.

One of the 5 common mistakes you should avoid making include “Excessive use of fillers” which often comes out from a non- native speaker to maintain fluency. Another common IELTS Speaking test mistake is “Memorizing the Answers”. This is naturally occurring when you do lots of practice for the speaking test. It will often lead to memorizing answers when the examiner asks you questions.

Another mistake you’re likely to commit is making “Unnecessary Pauses and Punctuation”. It is quite normal even for native English speakers to make pauses. When you have this thing in mind you’ll worry too much about this. The more you worry, the more likely you are to hesitate. Take care about this as your examiner will deduct marks.

Giving “inappropriate answers” to questions asked by the examiner is yet another common mistake you’re likely to make. Sometimes, you don’t answer correctly to the questions asked by the examiner. This will affect your overall band score.

Excessive use of connectors” is the fifth one out of the 5 common IELTS Speaking Test mistakes you’re likely to make. The English language uses word connectors to link large groups of words, phrases and sentences. Therefore, the chances are that you may wrongly use these connectors before every new sentence. Don’t overuse them and try to learn the natural way to use connectors in a sentence.

These 5 Common IELTS Speaking mistakes put it an easy to take away manner in the form of an Infographic. During your final speaking test make sure you don’t make these mistakes. Let’s check it out.

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Noufal M K
Noufal MK is an experienced IELTS/PTE Trainer with Edoxi Training Institute Dubai.  He found himself in writing for some time and still working on improving his skills. Noufal likes to write during travelling and whenever he is free from his busy IELTS training schedules.

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