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4 Gift Ideas for Babies Under the Age of 1

HomeWellness4 Gift Ideas for Babies Under the Age of 1

It’s always a joy whenever an infant is brought into the world. Not only do they bring happiness and smiles to their parents’ faces, but the infant-like wonder they possess is just an absolute delight to see. Because they’re born into the world, bare and without any possessions, raising newborns can be a challenge. There is no shortage of infancy guide books to help someone navigate their first year of parenting. 

If you’re friends with someone who’s recently given birth, one help you can offer is by giving them useful gifts for the infant. Making a newborn baby needs checklist is one way by which you can identify the most appropriate presents for babies under the age of one. 

Continue reading if you want to learn more about the many useful presents you can buy for a newly-born infant. 

Rubber Duck

Granted, this first item won’t be the most essential in this list, but this is one of the most readily-available toys that a baby under one year will surely enjoy. The rubber duck functions both as a form of entertainment for the baby, as well as, a useful tool that would easily help in giving the baby a bath.

If, for example, you’re giving the baby a light bath in the shower. One way for you to keep them distracted is by the use of this toy. Babies tend to have short attention spans and will tend to divert their attention to something they find more entertaining at that particular moment. A rubber duck fulfills this purpose, making the job easier for you. What’s more, is that because of the material of the toy, it poses no choking hazard to the baby.

As with the rubber duck, one essential thing you should always keep in mind when giving toys to babies is to ensure they don’t have any loose objects. Always be aware of this piece of advice the next time you think about buying a baby a toy. 

Baby’s Clothes

One more useful baby gift idea would be baby clothes. Babies are easily sensitive to changes in temperatures. As such, they can easily feel cold, or likewise, hotter, when they’re in different types of environment. With baby clothes, they’re given an extra layer of protection.

Aside from its usefulness, giving baby clothes as a gift will make you the favorite aunt or uncle, for example. You’re helping ease off the financial burden of the parents with a newborn child by gifting them such an essential item. These pieces of clothing can, after all, come at a price. 

Choosing baby clothes doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is imperative that the clothing material is pure cotton. Synthetic fabrics may cause an undesirable reaction on the baby’s skin, so it is best to avoid this material. Some of the clothing items you can purchase are vests, baby socks, mittens, or caps. 

High Chair

If you know someone with a parent, you’d understand that one of the most difficult responsibilities to take on, is feeding a baby. Babies tend to move around quite a lot because they can’t seem to stay in one place for long periods of time. With a high chair, not only will they be secured, but it may also help keep them entertained as they’re eating.

Buying a high chair can confuse you, what with the limitless number of options. Thankfully, Cocoon’s 3-Stage High Chair is one option you can consider. This type of high chair can come in a variety of colors, depending on your preference. It features three different recline positions, offering your infant with the utmost comfort. This high chair also has a built-in stowaway tray, for easier cleaning. 

Ergonomically-designed, the 3-Stage High Chair offers both the baby and the parent with a heightened ease-of-use, easily making this one of the most desired high chairs in the market. 

Baby Diapers

Baby diapers are not difficult to get wrong. There are many types of this essential baby item, each coming with specialized features for added comfort for the baby. If you find yourself spending too much time mulling over what to give to your friend or your sister who has just recently given birth, then the best piece of advice to give you is to not think too much. Baby diapers are both economical and practical. What’s more, is that they’re accessible almost anywhere – from baby department stores, to even grocery stores. 

However, in choosing the right type of diaper, make sure you buy the age and weight appropriate-diapers for the baby. An over-sized diaper has a tendency to leak. At the same time, a diaper that is too tight can prove to be uncomfortable for the baby. Always ensure to properly read the label before making your purchase.

Key Takeaway

Thinking of a gift for babies under the age of one can be difficult, especially if you devote so much time thinking about it. When you’re met with this type of situation, the most sound advice is to go back to the basics and choose the essentials instead. 

One way you can achieve this is by making a newborn baby needs checklist. With the simple guide above, you’ve hopefully taken note of just some of these gift suggestions to help you in your goal of providing appropriate gifts for babies.

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