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Why Stainless Steel Snorkel Is Preferred?

HomeEducationalWhy Stainless Steel Snorkel Is Preferred?

A snorkel is a very popular device or tool attached to offroad cars. This protects the car when it moves over a flooded region. A stainless steel snorkel is one of the most popular car parts that are available in the market. It is 304-grade steel which shows that it provides a strong and stable structure. The metal is the most suitable for its anti-corrosive properties. Traveling and running over rivers, floods, and deserts need a safe and durable material as car parts. Steel can easily resist corrosion and extend the durability of snorkels.  

Why Is The Stainless Steel Snorkel In Demand? 

  1. Plastic snorkels are also available, but in comparison, the life of the steel sustains to be long-lasting. The quality differences are in both materials. Both materials provide the same functions of cleaning the airflow. But the plastic snorkel’s durability is less than Stainless steel snorkel.  
  2. When you are searching for a snorkel to install. It is essential to select the right material for the car. If you want stability and rigidness along with durability then selecting steel is essential. The functions of both other materials are the same, but there is a difference in quality.  

Comparing Stainless Steel Snorkel vs Mild Steel-

There are different types of snorkels available. Snorkels are made of various materials, here we are comparing mild steel vs stainless steel ones: 

Mild Steel: 

The main advantage of installing a mild steel car snorkel is the property of ductility. Mild steel can easily be bent, without affecting the quality of the material. On the other hand, the material has a chance of damage. Rusts are common when running on the road or off-road during monsoon and moving through rivers. To avoid rust it is essential to paint the surface. It is to avoid direct exposure to the sun and air, unlike Stainless steel snorkel 

Stainless Steel: 

Stainless steel snorkel is attractive due to its shiny and stylish look. The formation of rust does not appear on the material. The nature of durability and strength does not reduce with time. The material is stainless steel that needs welded joints or rubber joints. It is one of the most preferred due to its ease of maintenance and durability.  

What is the difference between a welded joint and a rubber joint for a snorkel?

A welded joint is created by melting the metal of the snorkel and joining it together. On the other hand, a rubber joint is made by using a flexible rubber material to connect the snorkel to the air intake of the car. The rubber joint allows for some flex and movement, which can help prevent damage to the snorkel or other parts of the car when driving over rough terrain. However, a welded joint is generally considered to be stronger and more durable than a rubber joint.

Disadvantages Of The Snorkels Made Of Stainless Steel- 

  1. One of the disadvantages is the loud sound it produces during its functions. This may not bother many offroad drivers but could be a negative point for some. Few people want to enjoy their drive without much noise or hassle and this stainless steel product is not good for them.
  2. Off-road travelers travel through the terrains and rivers. The snorkels should be chosen as per the time and kind of travel. Airflow is clean as it continuously removes dust and dirt. It prevents water from directly entering and damaging the different parts of the car. A stainless steel snorkel often has an open head that allows water and moisture to enter through the snorkels. The features should be checked while buying.  

Above mentioned points are a few of the points you will need to keep in mind when you are purchasing a snorkel for your car. Do not just rush in with your choice consider other materials and compare it with the stainless steel product. You must understand your need and then only decide on which material is best for your car snorkel. 

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