What Aspiring Actors Should Know if They Hope to Succeed

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    While there are lots of people who dream of being up on the big screen, “making it big” requires taking the proper steps to ensure your success. Read on for some suggestions on how you increase your chances of being successful as an actor.

    Decide What Kind of Actor You Are

    While there are some actors who you may see playing a number of different roles ranging from comedic to dramatic, most actors usually play roles that are quite similar to each other. One reason is that although you may have an extensive acting range and can do many different voices, et cetera, your body type will remain the same, for the most part, and this can play a part in the roles that you get chosen for. Even though you may want to expand your acting palette so as not to get typecast, at the same time, if you stick with a certain niche, drama, for example, you can become extremely skilled in that area. Whatever genre of acting you are passionate about, that is probably the area you should focus on crafting the most, as well as audition for.

    Practice Every Day

    Just as a musician must practice playing, you too must hone your acting skills through constant practice even when you are in between paid gigs. You can enroll in some acting classes which will allow you to keep your skills sharp as well as help you gain insight into the areas that you need to improve. One of the good things about joining an acting class is that you get to have that comradery and learn from others in a way that you may not be able to when you are working on a set.

    Be Honest

    Your headshot is the first impression that casting directors will have of you. Your headshots should accurately represent you as an actor, and not someone you are not. While you need to make your headshot a good one in order to get a callback, it should still be an honest representation of you. Don’t wear a full face of makeup or have colored contacts in your eyes as this will pose a problem for you whenever you meet the casting directors in person. Make sure to take professional-looking headshots that will draw attention without being fraudulent. Don’t lie about your height, weight, et cetera as doing this may put a huge halt to your career before it can truly start.

    Create an Exercise Routine

    While it is important that you are maintaining your physical appearance if you want to be an actor, exercise can also help you with your mental agility as well. Not only is exercise a great way for you to relieve stress, but the increased flow of oxygen helps to improve brain health which is very helpful when it comes to learning new scripts. Getting into the habit of exercising regularly also helps you practice discipline which is something you will need to master as you prepare for new and challenging roles.

    Study the Greats

    You’d be surprised how much you can learn simply by watching old movies. Not only were these actors poised in how they delivered their lines, but also the way they used their mouths as well as their whole body to deliver the scene. Little details such as a glance at the floor or a touch of the back of a chair all help to make for iconic acting.

    If you want to succeed as an actor, the main thing you should do is not give up. Your first year might be one of the most challenging but remember that even the greats had to start somewhere.

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