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7 Reasons Dentists Need to Use a Medical Suction Pump during Oral Surgery

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The evolution of technology has had a lasting impact on the field of medical sciences. Today even the most complex procedures of the past are performed with such ease and accuracy with the availability of the appropriate tools.  Medical devices, apart from making procedures easier, have also increased safety and reduced the risk of failures during the process. They monitor critical parameters of the patients to ensure there is the availability of immediate care during an emergency.



Dentistry is no exception to this progress. A large range of devices that support and assist dentists during procedures are available today to make the process easy and pain-free. Also, services such as  Lexi comp make the necessary information available to doctors that reduce risk and increase success rates. One such medical device with many impeccable benefits is the medical suction pump. Here are seven important reasons why these medical suction pumps are an important part of dentistry today.

1. Ensures the safety of patient during procedure

Having a clear airway is essential for patients in the chair. Whether or not the patient is conscious, the tendency to swallow seems to persist. A swallowing action could increase the chances of accidentally blocking the airway with components of the surgery or even debris from procedures such as tooth extraction.



A high-grade medical suction device can serve as an air pathway during the procedure. This type of device ensures that there is constant airflow even while under the influence of anesthesia. Through proper monitoring of suction pumps dentists can prevent difficulty to breathe in patients who tend to go through sudden bleeding or vomiting. It prevents the patients from accidentally swallowing any contaminants as it clears the airway. It ensures the safety of the patient throughout the process. It is a sufficient precaution for the dentist to focus on the procedure.

2. Ensures the Comfort of the Patient

Any dental procedure is tough on the patient. Having the mouth wide open even with anesthetic could cause severe discomfort. Being unable to swallow during the procedure and having several types of equipment in the mouth can be stressful and overwhelming. It could affect body parameters such as blood pressure and also intervene with the procedure.

Dental suction pumps effectively prevent drooling that reduces discomfort. It removes the saliva from the mouth and reduces the tendency to swallow that increases the safety of the procedure. The device assures that any object that might intervene with the airway comes to the notice of the medical professionals who can take immediate action. It can thus help patients feel less anxious and overwhelmed while in the chair.

3. Creates a Comfortable Environment for the Dentist

Dental secretions are not only a problem for the patient, but they also disturb the dentist while in the middle of the procedure. Removing excess oral secretion provides the ideal environment for the dentist to perform the procedure with the best accuracy and precision. Pooling saliva can obstruct the view and make it difficult for the doctor to get a proper grip on the teeth. Suction devices effectively remove saliva and secretions from the mouth. It clears the mouth and increases access and visibility and ensures a safe treatment. It reduces the lubricants in the surface of the teeth and other organs in the mouth that enhances grip.



4. Can aid in the case of emergencies

Dentists tend to recommend anesthesia for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. It makes the procedure easy on both. Similarly, there are several other procedures, such as dental implants and extractions, where anesthesia is mandatory regardless of the choice of the patient. When the patient is completely unconscious under anesthesia, it is always important to regularly monitor body parameters to ensure there is no emergency.

Even experienced dentists have faced situations of dental emergencies due to allergic reaction to sedative or dental equipment or choking. The use of the suction pump always keeps the airway clear. Also, in the event of any serious emergency airway clearance techniques such as Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination could come handy to save the patient.

5. Prevents against Airway Barriers

Procedures that do not require anesthesia are usually very uncomfortable for patients. There are numerous objects used during the procedure, including gauze and other instruments that could cause discomfort as well as block the airway of the patient accidentally. Also, so many pieces of equipment could make it difficult for the patient to swallow, especially during procedures such as cavity removal, where the person is usually awake.

Dental suctions remove the saliva and other secretions from the mouth. The patient will feel at peace, and the dentist can also perform the procedure properly without any disturbances. It also eliminates the need to sedate patients for small procedures. The suction activity will prevent patients from accidentally choking on any equipment, medications, toothpaste, or any other component of the procedure.

6. Best assistance during Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is one of the most common procedures. Ensuring proper dental health is very critical to enjoying a nutritious diet and keeping your immune system at its best. Problems such as a tooth cavity can interfere with your regular diet and cause a nutrition imbalance. But a lot of us fear to go for procedures such as tooth extraction due to the pain and discomfort. There are cases of patients swallowing the debris, or even blood from the trauma that could lead to vomiting and nausea. The chances of problems such as hypoxia also increase.



Tissues and blood clots could cause an obstruction, and effective removal of these elements are necessary for a successful process. Good quality suction tools with the appropriate capacity are capable of acting as an evacuation tool to remove any obstructions. It eliminates the need to prevent clogs or for catheter replacements.

7. Optimizes Dental Process

The right kind of dental suction device is portable and easy to install and use at any dentist’s office. Using the suction pump makes it easy for both the patient and the dentist to perform even the most complicated procedures without worrying about basic issues such as saliva pooling in the mouth. Offering a clear way for the procedure to take place ensures safety and increases the chances of success. With portable machines, it is possible to react to patients’ delayed adverse reactions even in a waiting room. This equipment can offer high-grade routine and emergency care for the benefit of the patients.

An essential aspect of utilizing the suction device to its very best is to understand the capabilities and size of the device. Normal to low tipped equipment may not be effective to remove large debris such as teeth or blood clots. Therefore it is important to match the intensity of the procedure with the capabilities of the suction device to use the optimum choice during the process. It improves the safety and efficiency of the process.

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