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5 Uses and Tips for Roof Racks

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Indeed! Your roof rack must be this much reliable so that it can carry your child safely, Just Kidding! I know roof racks aren’t for hauling children, but my point is, your roof rack’s safety is an inevitable element. Often, people install a cheap roof rack and ignore the necessity of it being stable and secure. Road trips end up giving enticing experiences for a lifetime. You would love to travel safely and visit all your dream destinations in your car. On your roof rack, you might need to carry the bulkiest things that you need for a further excursion.

Would you clutter when you have no space in your standard-sized car to fill all those items? Of course, you will get help from the roof racks and carriers! Well, compromising on the roof rack’s safety is compromising yours, too! The roof rack has the primary use of storing heavy items on it. However, in this article, you will find five usages of roof rack with the five best safety tips! It is advisable that before you kick start to the open road, read these five uses and safety tips for the best of the roof rack storage system in your car. Let’s drive through it!

Five Uses of Roof Racks

1. As Roof Rack Awning:

Drive into your car in a day, and make it your home at night! Well, roof rack awning is the best use of a car roof rack. You can build a canopy from the tent on your roof rack and establish a rooftop tent home while you are camping. Also, roof rack awning is favorable for setting up a BBQ station to grill/cook food or getting shade while sightseeing.

2. For Stacking Luggage:

Irrespective of you packing for your weekend off or a long road trip, you should consider fitting a roof rack in your car. I recommend a hardcore cargo box, a leather roof box, waterproof trays, or cargo bags for utilizing roof racks for some additional space. Remember, a roof rack in your car gives extra room to all your travel essentials. You need no space in the car when you have a roof rack for stacking luggage!


3. Strap Up Surfboards:

No need to worry more about completing your surfing adventure on the next big trip! You can strap up your surfboards on the roof rack and carry it wherever you want. Apart from the surfboards, you can take your snowboards on the roof rack. Check out these surfboard roof racks and pick the best one according to your use and application.

4. Load Your Bikes:

The task of carrying more than one bike is a tricky business! It becomes hard to transport two bikes at a time in the rugged conditions of the road. You never know what wind situations you might have to face, or raining and snowing can meet you in the way! Special roof racks are available to carry your bikes safely.

5. Carry Boats or Canoe:

Would you wish that your beach explorer flops because you were unable to bring your boat? Perhaps, your car’s roof rack can save you from getting spoiled. You can haul your boats, canoes, kayaks, or rafts on the roof rack and move them with you anywhere you want. You must ensure that you are tying the boats with ultimate protection to avoid harsh situations midway.


Five Safety Tips for Using Roof Racks

1. Consider Load Hauling Capacity:

Overloading your roof rack by going out of its capacity may harm the car or damage the roof rack itself! It is pretty essential that you think about the load-hauling ability of the roof rack before you drive on a trip. It is suggestible that considering the weight lifting capacity of the roof rack will ensure the long life of the car too! Following this tip will invite safety to your vehicle.

2. Keep Existing Setup in Mind:

Look whether your car has an already installed roof rack system or not? Most of the modern vehicles quip the roof rack crossbars or at least come with the sidebars. So, if you want to establish a defensive roof rack system, you need to be aware of the current setup. The locks and the hooks to each roof rack might get down in between and remove the car color badly. Decide if you want a new roof rack system or revamp the existing one wisely!

3. Know Weight & Height Parameters:

The overheight on the top of your roof rack can put you in trouble! If you have an SUV and load bikes on its head, probably the height may hinder you from passing a tunnel or bridge. Furthermore, there is a direct correlation between the weight load and the speed of the car. Mind well, if you don’t want your speed car to turn into a trailing tractor, don’t weight it too much.


4. Ensure the Utmost Security:

You won’t desire to get your trip getting sour amidst the journey time, would you? To count this point significant, you must assure the utmost security of your roof rack. Check whether the straps are tied correctly or not. Verify the strap locks and hooks getting done accurately. Examine that the objects get placed perfectly, or else, they might cause an imbalance on the upper side of the car. The imbalance may cause any of these things to fall off the vehicle!

5. Access and Stability are Main:

Loading and unloading roof racks frequently prove traumatizing. For easy access, you can keep a ladder down the roof rack. Also, you can keep a slide mechanism attached to the roof rack to make heavy things drive down hassle-free. Along with the easy access, the stability of the roof rack matters equally. Your car drives smoothly only and only if your roof rack cargo is stable. Never compromise on stability and ease access of car’s your roof rack!


The Last Line:

Roof racks are an inseparable part of your four-wheelers. With all these useful ideas and safety tips, I am sure you will create an incredible roof rack storage system for your car. What are you waiting for now? Drive for your next big journey!

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