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How to Find the Right Bedtime Routine For You

HomeWellnessHow to Find the Right Bedtime Routine For You

Many individuals across the globe experience sleep issues. With so many differing opinions on how to get a good night’s rest, it can be difficult to know where to look to find a bedtime routine that works well for you. Here is a short list of ideas that will help you as you start building an efficient bedtime routine:

Set Aside Time

A proper bedtime can’t be rushed. You need to set aside time for it every night. The average person takes ten to twenty minutes to fall asleep at night, so factor that time in as you build your bedtime routine. Give yourself time to really wind down and clear your head before going to bed. Our brains are very used to being stimulated throughout the day, and once your head hits that pillow, it’s not uncommon for it to continue to seek fresh stimulation. Giving yourself time without any screens or tasks will help you to slowly unwind and calm down before you try to fall asleep.

Try New Methods

Try new things and find what sticks! There are new methods of falling asleep constantly coming about, and you should try as many as you can to see which one works best for you. One method not commonly thought of is hemp. There are effective hemp strains on the market that are available to you. Many popular hemp strains can help calm your anxiety and allow you to sleep better at night.

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable

Creating a clean, comfortable space to sleep in makes all the difference when establishing a personal bedtime routine. You can make your room more tranquil by keeping it quiet, at a comfortable temperature, and as dark as possible. Light streaming in from the outside can keep you awake, so it’s important to keep the lights off, door shut, and darkening shades if necessary. Another crucial element of keeping your room comfortable is by investing in a comfortable mattress and pillow. Try out different mattresses and pillows to find what kind works best for you.

You are making a good first step by researching how to find the right bedtime routine for yourself. Setting aside time to calm down at night, trying out different methods of falling asleep, and creating a comfortable sleeping space for yourself will all help you as you build an effective bedtime routine. Get ready for a full night’s rest!

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