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Things to Know About Concrete Grind and Seal Melbourne

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Concrete no longer needs to be boring, plain and monotonous, as builders have developed several ways of making it more attractive and eye-catching. Using concrete surface as your flooring can provide a natural and durable solution. The best thing is that it can be used in almost any area of your house where you want an appealing yet sanitary space that is easy on cleaning and maintenance. With concrete grind and seal Melbourne facility, you can turn your dull concrete surface into stunning flooring that can amaze everyone walking into your room.

Unlike other types of floorings that you have to apply on your subfloor, concrete is a substrate that is finished with special processes. This means that whether you are building a new floor or you want to renovate your old floor, the concrete subfloor will work as a foundation for your room. The best thing is that this kind of floor is extremely strong and durable, and it can withstand extreme wear and tear for several years to come. With concrete grind and seal Melbourne, you can make your house more environmentally safe.

The Process of Concrete Grind and Seal Melbourne

Concrete grinding and sealing is the process of applying protective coating over a concrete floor. As the name suggests, the procedure involves grinding and then sealing the concrete surface. But before that, the surface is decontaminated, and then neutralised. Grinding is the process of saturating the concrete surface with scratches using a powerful concrete grinder. The aim of grinding is to remove any scratches or impurities from the surface layer. Most of the times, 100 grit is used to grind the surface. Once the flooring is ground, a sealant is applied on the concrete to give it a protective layer. This coating is usually made up of urethane, acrylic or epoxy, depending on the look you want.

Advantages of Concrete Grind and Seal Melbourne

Increased durability: Since grinding and sealing requires a lot of preparation, concrete floors treated with this process become extremely durable and long-lasting. Since they also get a protective layer on top, they become less susceptible to get damaged by water, bacteria, mould, etc.

Money saving: As compared to other flooring types, this kind of flooring looks gorgeous without digging a hole in your pocket. The materials used for the project are not expensive either, and the labour costs are also reasonable.

Resistance to abrasion: Concrete floor becomes highly resistant to abrasions, scratches and marks after going through the process of concrete grind and seal Melbourne. So, it keeps looking like new for long.

Easy on maintenance: Flooring finished with this process is easy to maintain. Cleaning can be easily done with a regular sweep and mop routine. You don’t need to apply expensive cleaners and polishes on it.

Increased hygiene: Since the process of grinding and sealing takes away most of the germs and impurities from the surface, flooring treated with this process becomes extremely hygienic and sanitary.

Choosing the Best Concrete Grind and Seal Melbourne System

Grind and Seal

There are a number of systems to choose from, but you need to choose the one that is most suitable for your needs and desired look. The grinder that you choose will depend on your room size and the concrete exposure level. Then you have to choose the sealant, which can be water based or oil based, giving a satin, glossy or matte finish, whichever you want.

If you are still not sure whether concrete grind and seal Melbourne would be a suitable option for you or not, you should contact an expert team who can guide you through the selection process. Let them know what type of flooring you want to create in your room, and they will show you samples to help you take a decision.

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