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Rental Lease: What Should Be Its Key Components?

HomeBusinessRental Lease: What Should Be Its Key Components?

Do you have rental properties which you want to let out and earn a steady income? You need to find ways to protect your investment, and it is best done by using a lease agreement. A rental lease agreement in Idaho or elsewhere is created to protect the interest of landlord, tenant and the property itself. Every lease agreement has specific vital components, and they should be part of your lease agreement too. Here are they:

The requirement of the Lease Agreement

When you are creating a lease agreement, it must have critical components. Some of them may change depending on the tenants. The rental lease agreement should be comprehensive and valid, as well.

Property Details.

The agreement should provide the details of the property. In the lease, its address should be included correctly, and its description should also be given reasonably. For instance, if it is an apartment, the agreement should not just include property type but also its address too.

Landlord and Tenant.

The lease agreement should detail who the landlord is and who the tenants are. Their legal name should be used to ensure that the lease can be executed legally. When listed by the name, it becomes easy to bind them with an agreement. In the absence of a name, the agreement will only use terms ‘landlord’ and ‘tenant’ with and it can’t be executed.

Rental Amount.

Another critical component of the lease is the rental amount as well as the terms. The agreement should mention the date on which the payment is due to you. Where it can be sent and who it should be given to. How the payment is going to be accepted, e.g. by cash, check or online payment. The agreement also contains the late payment penalties.

Eviction Clause.

The rent agreement should also include a clause about e eviction. It describes the outcome of a failure to pay rent.

Lease Start and End Date.

There must be a start and end date in lease, and it needs to be part of the agreement. It should also include how and when a tenant or the landlord can end the lease. While the lease agreement end on a certain date, there can be an automatic renewal clause. It renews the lease unless the notice is given by either the landlord or the tenant for termination.

Security Deposit.

Most landlord these days charge a security deposit before a tenant can move in. It is usually taken which can be used to pay for the damages or unpaid rent. If you are required to pay for a security deposit for the property, it must include the details of the security deposit is and how it is going to be paid. After the lease end, how the security deposit will be returned to the tenants. Be clear with these terms to ensure that there is no confusion.

Other Occupants.

Even though the tenants are listed by the name, there should also be a place for other occupants. List any children who are living in the property but are not mentioned in the lease. The lease agreement should also have the details of what can happen if someone who is not listed in the agreement occupies the space for a long duration.

Permission for Pets.

Whether you are allowing pets to live in the property has to be decided by you. However, you should have this information in the lease.


Free rental agreement Idaho can be created online. However, which components have to be included can be decided upon when you are filling the rent agreement.

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