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How to Rethink Your Finances After a Pandemic and Recession

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After the panic and closures of COVID-19, you may be thinking how this will affect your finances. It has been a financial teeter totter, with businesses and jobs making cuts, the stock market fluctuating, and price changes. This pandemic and recession have given us time to think about how we can better financially prepare for crisis situations and what your family can do moving forward.

An Emergency Fund

No one expected a crisis like COVID-19 to happen, especially the economical damage that has resulted. No one knows when their job will suddenly end, or they receive decreased pay due to decreased work hours. This is why it is important to have an emergency fund. An emergency fund allows you to be able to continue to pay bills (hopefully for several months) even though you may not have money coming in temporarily. It can also be used to cover large unexpected expenses, such as hospital bills. Starting an emergency fund is as simple as saving a hundred dollars every paycheck in a savings account that only gets touched for emergencies.

Life Insurance

Because the future is so uncertain, and one cannot hope to predict when catastrophic events will occur, it is important to consider the importance of life insurance. There are several types of life insurance that you will need to research before buying a policy, but the important thing is to purchase a type of policy so that your family will be taken care of. Any policy is better than no policy. The peace of mind life insurance extends is comforting for both you and your family. You never know what will happen.


Even during the best of times, no one has infinite finances. Budgeting allows you to not only pay for life insurance and save for an emergency fund, but also manage your day-to-day financial responsibilities. It can be easy to justify spending excess money on things you don’t really need, but if one doesn’t have a budget, that type of spending can increase debt, and lead to financial instability. Budgeting allows you to manage your money during all seasons, regardless of whether the economy is booming or not.

While this pandemic has caused much panic, you can take control of your finances and financial security so that your family doesn’t have to worry, no matter what might happen. Consider starting an emergency fund, looking into life insurance plans, and creating a budget. No one can expect what the future will hold, but you will be better able to face it if you are prepared.

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