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Top 4 HR Tech Trends to Rule (Updated)

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Technology has evolved rapidly in the last ten years, faster than it had ever been before. A gamut of new disruptive technologies have emerged, that have drastically changed the way industries used to function a decade ago. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Data Science are just a few to name.

As a matter of fact, HR as a business function, had always been untouched by the advanced technological advances since time immemorial. But what has happened in the last decade in context of technology infusion in the hr domain is unprecedented. Nobody would have thought that one day, even the hr management will use top-notch technologies in its functioning.

But, in the current times, the new-age HR tech that comprises use of technologically-advanced HR management software suite has become a norm. Even the hiring in HR, at the moment, is strictly as per the new job description that includes candidate’s familiarity with hr technology.

Here are the top HR tech trends to watch out for.

Arranging for Tech-Reliant Virtual-Communication for Remote Workers

Best HR leaders in are those that can swiftly arrange for virtual communication of remote workers. It’s a skill that requires of you to be familiar with the cutting-edge virtual communication technologies. Especially, in the ongoing situation of the pandemic, it’s the first priority for any organization that is hiring, to have a candidate that knows the technology part of the job.

Knowledge of managing teams within the organization that work remotely is a must in the present times. Moreover, in the position of leadership in HR, you must be able to manage teams on the cloud-based hr management systems.

ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, Will Continue to Dominate Hiring Deeds

Applicant Tracking Systems have proved to be a great boon for HR professionals over the past few years, and it had been introduced first to the HR domain as a human resource technology innovation. Since then, it had never gone off charts, but has only grown since then.

ATS will keep at it, in the times to come. It will help HR professionals and hiring managers to save job applications digitally in the form of a candidate-database that can be leveraged in the future when there emerge job openings. Pulling information from this ATS management portal is extremely easy, aside from having the data saved aptly for future-usage.

Employer-Branding Aspect Will Evolve Further

Today is the age of digital, where every company has its digital repute among the clients and prospective employees. Technology in HR will further help HR managers to maintain a positive image for their company’ brand over digital. Tracking an employee feedback as and when posted on any digital platform, whatsoever, will get possible with the use of hr tech tools.

It will provide HR leaders an opportunity to respond to the feedback, and if there is a case of grievance, address it with maturity, thereby keeping the digital repute of the company, high.

‘AI in HR’ Will Emerge as the Biggest Tech Trend in the HR Domain

Business-growth in the current day and age, is fuelled by data. And utilizing data to its maximum potential for gaining business benefits is basically AI. Artificial intelligence is already in use in the hr sector, given that almost all hr software tech tools make use of AI to perform employee-analytics. AI-based analytics web portals help drive employee engagement, apart from finding out the driving factors behind the said engagement. AI-powered HR tech tools can help HR leaders track employee productivity in real time, and can help getting to know the areas, where he/she needs to improve.

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