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How to become a python Developer?

HomeTechnologyHow to become a python Developer?

Python programming is a powerful and general purpose programming language and we can easy to learn and easy to implement.

Python is the most popular language in 20th century. Almost every fields using python programming in development like gaming, banking, application building, automations, medical and education also in many more fields

If you learnt python programming means you have more opportunities in Software domain because many companies hiring now a day more python developers to build their applications.

Learn Python Programming from Basics

Learn python concepts from beginning to till implementation step by step.

We can use many editors to write a code along with python software.

You can download python software from and install it. Current version of python is 3.8.3

Why to learn Python?

Why to learn python programming means it is used in many places,

  • Data science
  • Calculation
  • Application development
  • Automation
  • System administration
  • Computer graphics
  • Game App development
  • Security and risk testing
  • Developing geography application

Job opportunities for python developer you can find on Jooble

Prerequisites to learn Python

The prerequisite for learning Python programming is basic knowledge of concepts like Variables, Loop Statement, Conditional Control Statements etc.

Focus on a Specific area

As you already know, Python programming is used in many different fields like data science, automation, web development, system administration, banking application, game development, etc. can’t learn all at a once. Try to focus on a one particular area at a time. It will help you to be a better developer in Python.

Basic understanding with common libraries

Python programming some of basic common libraries are– PyPy, numPy, SciPy, Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, Python Image Library, etc.

Create account in with StackOverflow

StackOverflow website is a good platform for discussion online. If you have any questions about python programming, you can ask here questions and experts answers here.

Also chance of answering a other questions here. You can build a programming skills via stack overflow

More involvement in Open Source projects

Open source projects are a best way to improve your skills. Github or Bitbucket is full of open source projects.

Gain Knowledge of Python frameworks

You can use python in server side programming. You should look through Python frameworks such as Django, Flask, etc.

UI development (Web Designing)

More and more Python developers always work on the backend of Web applications, but every application needs a front end also. gain a knowledge how to code UI Development, too, and you can contribute more to every project you work on. HTML5, HTML4, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS2 and CSS3 are the basic foundation for frontend work.

Application Testing

Each and every application we have to test before going live to main server. For deviling testing application also use use python programming offers Real Time Python training in Bangalore along with practical sessions.

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