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How to Protect Your Restaurant From Reputation Damage

HomeEducationalHow to Protect Your Restaurant From Reputation Damage

The last thing you want for your restaurant is a bad reputation—a poor impression on the public can mean the end of your business. Follow these few, simple tips for avoiding damage to your restaurant’s reputation, and your business can continue to garner positive public opinion.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Perhaps the biggest determinant of your restaurant’s reputation is your customer service. Offering great customer service will help you avoid a poor reputation. It is essential that your staff treat customers with respect, patience, and kindness.

In the restaurant business, like in so many other industries, it is suggested that you treat the customer as though they are always right. Even if a diner may be overreacting, it is paramount that waiters, managers, and hosts react patiently and help that customer feel valued by your business. Doing your best to answer customer questions and help them with their needs will benefit the patron as well as your reputation.

Clean Regularly

Clean your restaurant regularly to prevent an unclean environment that can harm your reputation. An unclean restaurant can mean pest infestations, disease, and more. No one wants to eat in a dirty restaurant, and failing to clean can lead to many problems which can not only damage your reputation but also shut your business down for good.

Cleaning regularly will be good for the overall appearance and first impression of your restaurant, while not cleaning your restaurant can lead to pest infestations which negatively impact your reputation. Even a dirty restroom in your restaurant can drive customers away. In fact, 80 percent of customers would avoid a restaurant with a dirty bathroom. A clean restroom builds trust in the cleanliness and safety of your entire facility.

Respond to Reviews

Take reviews and ratings seriously, and check up on them periodically. You should do your best to respond to the reviews you receive, whether they be good or bad. Thank customers for their praise and invite them to return to your restaurant, if it is a good review. If the review is negative, apologize, take responsibility for whatever caused the customer’s bad experience, and do your best to make it right. Winning over unhappy customers can improve their impressions of you and will help prevent damage to your reputation.

Try to increase your restaurant’s reviews. Asking customers for reviews through email communications or in person at the restaurant can help you build your numbers of positive reviews, helping outweigh the negative ones.

You can avoid damage to your restaurant’s reputation by following a few simple pieces of advice. Respond to positive and negative reviews, keep your facility clean, and deliver excellent customer service for a restaurant that will earn respect.

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