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Understanding and Dealing With a Fear of Dental Treatment

HomeWellnessUnderstanding and Dealing With a Fear of Dental Treatment

Counselling may also help you conquer your fear if you’ve had a bad experience with dentist. There is hardly any person who does not feel at least the intellectual feeling of the dentist. In fact, many people experience fear and anxiety related to Dental Treatment. However, if you want healthy teeth, you must overcome these phobias.  

Educating yourself about your dental procedure is an important first step in overcoming your fear of dentist. Learn here how to overcome the fear of the dentist. In this day and age, when technology and progress entered our lives, we cannot accept the loss of control. But such a situation arises for the patient in the dental clinic. Patients are completely scared at the mercy of this. Many already feel persecuted when thinking about training rooms. With sweaty hands and cold sweat, it is assumed that the anxious patient can hardly defend himself on the strain chair. The ability to feel pain during treatment increases the unpleasant feeling. If a dental visit is postponed and the patient has dental pain and “bad teeth,” the dentist’s fear becomes greater and the vicious cycle takes its course. Teeth are highly sensitive organs of perception and human feeling. 

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First aid: 6 tips against fear of the dentist 

The strong feeling of discomfort ended the moment the mouth was rinsed the last time. Even if the pain persists, it can also be overcome with a painkiller.

 1. Name Your Dental Phobia 

As an anxious patient, you should express your concerns at the beginning of treatment and ask your doctor to stop talking. Alone is help and pronunciation can solve your stress. 

2. Find a Sympathetic Dentist 

As a rule, each practitioner understands your problem. You rarely receive a non-sensitive response, such as “Now don’t pretend!”. But even so, you can take the position at hand, because you can still now end the conversation and stop dental treatment as a patient. No one can force you to sit down if you feel unwell. If you don’t like your therapist, you should look for another. Because it is important for you to find a dentist of your choice. When registering, ask whether the dentist understands anxiety patients and if necessary also performs treatments under general anesthesia. It’s quite possible that you don’t need it at all. But at first, knowledge of probability creates relief. The first moments of fear you’ve already done with it. 

3. Behavioral Therapy as a Solution for Fear of the Dentist 

Instead, behavioral therapy is appropriate. Patients with severe fear of severe dental phobia can experience great relief here. Psychiatrists offer such behavioral therapy. Many therapists use a simple tool: progressive relaxation of muscles. With this relaxation method, you will learn a technique that will help you in dental anxiety. Targeted muscle relaxation ultimately provides a relaxation of the mind. In such behavior therapy you will recognize your fears and their origin. It is precisely this knowledge that enables you, too late, to leave dental fear behind. The same applies, of course, to any other phobia.

 4. Exchange Dental Fear in the Forum 

Another way to deal with your dental phobia is to find someone in your circle of friends or family talking about your fears. You should not be ashamed of your fear of teeth and should accept help. If you don’t want to be open to your friends, it may be easier for you to get advice from other people with dental anxiety. Prepare a list of questions regarding the treatment to ask your dentist. 

 5. Training on Self-Generation to Overcome the Fear of the Dentist 

It is a relaxing treatment that works in a very simple and effective way. With this relaxation technique, you can not only overcome dental phobia, but also fear of an injection, crowded rooms or simple anxiety in the test. Mention phrases to soothe body and mind, which provide measurable body relaxation. For example, blood pressure and heart rate are regulated, relaxation enters the place and you lose your fears every minute. The positive side effect of this relaxation technique against fear of dentists: repetition of soothing phrases penetrates the focus on dental treatment. You are busy reading certain sentences. Fear of pain or noise becomes secondary. 

6. Instead, Hypnosis Helps with the Fear of the Dentist 

The same applies to the fear of a dentist for hypnosis. This principle is quite similar to self-generation training, despite the difficulty of learning. If you feel comfortable with hypnosis, this technique can also be an alternative to combating dental phobia. At the same time, there are many specialist dentists who offer hypnosis: take the first step and make an appointment! General anesthesia as a last resort in dental phobia General anesthesia is possible, but is usually not the best option. It is a huge burden on the body and complications are not rare. In addition, you will not be able to actively participate in the treatment. It is impossible to “clatter” with teeth to examine the bite, or a short rinse with water. Your senses are also important advice to your dentist during dental treatment – you can no longer tell them about stupidity. 

In addition: from a long-term perspective, dentist phobia is not reduced, but remains. At usual appointments, general anesthesia cannot be given every time because it imposes a lot of pressure on the organism. So dental fear must be made consciously. The optimal position is reached when anxious dentists and patients have a good basis for confidence. So, take things in your hands and improve your oral health for a blessed life.

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