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How Mobile Apps Help to Shape The Digital Footprint and Ambitions of Small Businesses?

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Mobile apps continue to fulfill the small business dream of shaping digital footprints and availing the level of playing online platform for small businesses. No wonder small businesses across the niches from all over the globe are increasingly opting for their branded mobile apps to achieve growth and branding. 

Since large corporations have already shaped their mobile business presence, small businesses are now finding their mobile and digital footprints through enterprise apps. This is creating a level playing field for brands of all sizes to compete and make their mark. In emerging economies like India, the opportunities created by mobile apps can be seen across multiple categories of small businesses. This is why businesses hire developers in India for small enterprises. 

 Here we will explain some of the most effective ways mobile apps are helping small businesses achieve growth. 

 Generating More Sales 

 The small brick and mortar stores that could only enjoy a local presence and audience outreach can now have a global presence and far expanding audience outreach through mobile commerce apps. Since most online shoppers now prefer using their mobile devices to browse and shop, mobile commerce apps are increasingly becoming popular sales channels. 

 With a great mobile app, a brick and mortar store can also take advantage of the omnichannel marketing involving localized targeting of consumers, online sales and digital in-store interactions. This emergence of a multichannel digital strategy through mobile commerce apps is opening new doors of sales opportunities for small businesses around the world. 

Preventing e-Commerce Cart Abandonment 

Do you know, at least one-fourth of shopping carts across online stores are not turned into actual sales? Yes, too many people, just after putting products in their carts, leave the store and never come back to complete the sales. The rate of abandoned carts is alarming in the e-commerce industry, and business strategists are brainstorming to find some solutions to prevent the abandoning of carts.

 Actually, all the marketing resources spent to fetch a visitor and guide him to the sales cart simply get lost when the user abandons the cart. This is why it is extremely important to reduce cart abandonment. Unlike traditional websites, mobile commerce apps can keep users continuously engaged with push notifications and push them to revisit the store for completing the purchase of the products they left in carts. 

Improving User Experience 

From the safety of the data and privacy to improved user experience, an enterprise mobile app can benefit a business in a multitude of ways. The best thing about mobile apps is that they allow businesses to enjoy a level playing field with large enterprises simply on account of the digital shopping experience instead of traditional and core factors such as products and services. 

A small business app providing an unmatched shopping experience can enjoy more popularity than their big business counterparts in spite of offering fewer known products. The customer experience alone became one of the major factors for digital branding and business conversion.  

Improved Customer Retention and Loyalty 

Mobile apps allow businesses of all sizes to create a closer and intimate bond with customers. From allowing customers to pay through their mobile wallets for both mobile and offline purchases to delivering them personalized reward points to giving them highly individualized product recommendations based on their previous purchases, apps can make customers happy in a multitude of ways. Undoubtedly, this ensures boosting customer retention and brand loyalty. 

Today’s customers tend to be more personality-driven in their purchasing behavior than ever before. Thanks to mobile devices’ personal nature, customers prefer personalized shopping experience and communication, and these are also the aspects that motivate customers to stay tuned to an app for longer. This is why a mobile app plays such a vital role in any business’s retention and loyalty-building strategy. 

Improving Business Branding

A business with a website is already common, and a business with a social media footprint is more common. But still, now, a business with a dedicated mobile app is far less common, and there’s the catch. If you can build a mobile app as a small business, you are already ahead of many small fries and are on a level with big brands. 

With a mobile app representing your business brand, you can have a fresh new channel at your disposal. Now on a different level, with the great user experience, you can further grab attention and continue to boost business conversion.  

Shaping Your Social Presence 

A mobile app also allows a business to easily integrate social platforms and features to an app and achieve a more social following. Thanks to your business app, you can also get more limelight on various social platforms and connect your target audiences far and wide.   

A plethora of social integration features such as comments, in-app messaging, likes, and user-generated content will further help your business boost social profiling and the footprint. Mobile apps represent a socially connected platform as well, and your business can not afford to miss out on this buzzing platform. 


There can be no alternative to building a mobile app for shaping the digital footprint of your business. Whether you have an online or an offline business, whether you have a brick and mortar store with a great local audience or a buzzing startup, you need a mobile app to fulfill your digital ambitions.  

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