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    In Maryland, suburbs are some of the most exciting and interesting places for living. Many have a perfect mixture of high income, low unemployment rate, low crime rates, diversity, and an outstanding education system. Not to mention numerous attractions and events that entice plenty of visitors from all parts of the state. In combination with wonderful landscapes, from mountains to beaches, it offers options that are to anyone’s taste. If you are considering moving, here is some information about some of the best suburbs to live in Maryland.

    What’s so great about Maryland?

    When it comes to the high median household income, Maryland is among the top states. Even though housing and cost of living are proportionally high in some parts, high incomes balance this out. This is especially true for those working in the tech industry or government. They will have much better prospects than people in other urban centers, like New York City or San Francisco, for example. Other industries are not falling behind either.

    However, not everyone is interested in living in highly urbanized parts, and city centers. Many are looking for peace of mind in a convenient and more tranquil suburb. This is where Maryland exceeds others. If you are not sure if this would suit you, you can read various insights online. This will help you clarify your overall needs, priorities, and opportunities.

    How to move to Maryland suburbs?

    Generally speaking, moving to Maryland doesn’t differ much from moving to any other place. You still need to do research and plan everything carefully. You will have plenty of work to do, so it’s better to have professionals by your side. While you are selling your old place and buying a new one in Maryland, movers will save you significant time. Hiring movers will be particularly useful if you need to move long-distance.

    The Maryland suburbs

    Suburbs in Maryland are remarkably diverse. Which one you will choose will depend on your preferences. Fortunately, you have the luxury of many options so it shouldn’t be a hard task. Firstly, many offer the serenity of small-town spirit. You’ll feel far away from the city crowds and overly urbanized areas. On the other hand, some of them are close enough so you can often go downtown. Finally, many parts are growing and constantly changing. In essence, think carefully before you choose what works best for you.

    To help you with the choice, here is the list of some of the best suburbs to live in Maryland:

    • Garrett Park
    • North Bethesda
    • Rockville
    • Potomac
    • Baltimore suburbs

    Garrett Park

    Let’s start with one of the smaller suburbs in Maryland. In a word, Garrett Park is a hidden jewel not many people are aware of. Since it’s located just outside Washington, D.C. it’s no surprise this small town offers a big-city vibe. This can be the perfect place for those who are looking for the best from both worlds. Among more than 1,010 residents, you can find many families and retirees. But, you will also find a portion of young professionals who enjoy the suburban way of living while working in a large city.

    Unfortunately, because of the proximity to D.C., housing options can be a bit expensive. However, if you are working in an industry with high income, you can easily find a place to call home in Garrett Park. On the other side, this suburb offers plenty of greenery. Almost every street is filled with trees, homeowners enjoy gardening and backyard activities, and architectural diversity is outstanding.

    North Bethesda

    For those looking to live near Washington, D.C., North Bethesda might be the perfect choice. It’s just north of one of the richest and highly educated cities in the U.S. With many distinct parts, diverse amenities, and great transportation, this is one popular destination to move to. Thanks to the thriving urban center Bethesda, North Bethesda offers some of the best long-term housing deals. Of course, for a hefty price. However, the high quality of life, extraordinary schools, almost zero crime rate, and low unemployment make it worth it. Finally, not everything is in the statistics. North Bethesda also offers exceptional views of the scenery that surrounds it.


    If North Bethesda is out of your reach because of housing prices, Rockville might be a better option. You can have a nice place and still live near both Washington, D.C. and Bethesda. In fact, this is maybe the best option for families with kids who need safe and affordable suburban options.

    Overall, Rockville offers some of the best schools, an extremely low crime rate, and a reasonable cost of living. You can also find many affordable housing options in this area, especially smaller ones, perfect for young professionals. But, due to the lack of space, you might need additional storage space for your belongings. Fortunately, you can count on Superior Moving & Storage to provide you with affordable options.


    Potomac is one of the most popular Maryland suburbs. No wonder since it scores incredibly well in every aspect. There is almost no crime here, it’s one of the best school districts in Maryland, and has extremely low unemployment. With salaries that exceed $150,000, even high median home values are not far from reach.

    Besides being a great place to buy a house for a growing family, it’s also good for business owners. Many investors are setting their sights on Potomac, which leads to increased economic advancement. It’s a strong, growing, and friendly community worth being part of.

    Baltimore suburbs

    There are more than a few Baltimore suburbs you should explore. In fact, if you are more into being close to the city lifestyle, they might be an ideal option. If you enjoy arts, culture, history, and need excellent amenities, Baltimore suburbs are the place to be. Overall, they offer tight-knit, friendly communities, beautiful housing options, and more nature than you can usually find in large cities. Given these points, here are several suburbs you should consider:

    • Gambrills
    • Towson
    • Fulton
    • Ellicott City
    • Arnold

    In general, many of them offer a wonderful environment for growing families. In combination with various attractions, you will never lack things to do in Baltimore suburbs. When you decide to move, housing options might not always be as expensive as you might expect. Remember, it would be a shame to miss out on Baltimore suburbs when looking for the best suburbs to live in Maryland.

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