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A Quick Guide to Illinois Tenancy Laws!

HomeEducationalA Quick Guide to Illinois Tenancy Laws!

Most of us would have found themselves in a rental situation either as a landlord or a tenant. The problems faced by the landlord are as complicated to the problems faced by the tenants. However, this guide covers the problems that are faced by the tenants. While the rules may vary from one city to the other, there are certain things that tenant has to be aware of before renting a property in Illinois.

Understanding the Lease

A relationship-agreement bounds landlord and tenant called a lease. It contains various terms that affect the tenancy of the property. In any online legal forms site, a template can be found using which the landlord can create rental lease agreement Illinois. While in the state, the leases for less than one-year duration can be oral as well, but it is better to have an agreement in writing. The problem with the verbal agreement is that they can be easily be forgotten. That’s why a written lease agreement is pretty standard as it contains all the terms and conditions that are binding to both the parties. When the lease is no it writing, it is termed as a periodic lease which doesn’t have any definite term. The frequency of rental payments determines the period of the lease.

Key Provisions of Lease

Under the Federal Housing Act and Illinois law, it is unlawful for a landlord to discriminate while letting out a house or any other property who have kids under the age of 14-years. A landlord must also not discriminate against the factors like the religion, sex, national origin or physical disability. Any provision in the lease agreement that frees the landlord for damages to persons or property due to the negligence of the landlord are anti-public and can’t be enforced. However, if the landlord hasn’t paid the rent, the landlord may hold the personal belongings of the tenant until the tenant pays the past rent. Sufficient details of the rental lease agreement are there in the online agreement that can be created at any legal forms site.

Security Deposits

The tenant has to pay a deposit to the landlord before occupying the property. It is usually called a security deposit. The money is considered as a security for any damage to the premise or non-payment of rent. However, it doesn’t mean that the tenant is freed from the responsibility of paying the last month rent. The deposit has to be returned to the tenant once the tenant decides to vacate the premise and if no damage has been done beyond the normal wear and tear in the house property.

If the landlord didn’t return the security deposit, the tenant can sue to recover the amount that the tenant is entitled. In some jurisdictions, if the tenant doesn’t return the security deposit, the tenant may be able to recover the additional damages.

A landlord leasing a real-estate that has more than five units is not allowed to hold any par to of the security deposit as compensation for property damage unless he furnishes to the tenant a list of damages caused and the repair costs of the same.

End of Lease

If there is no specific term in the lease, it may be terminated by either party by giving sufficient notice. A lease agreement that is for less than one year, the tenant has to give notice of thirty days. Yearly tenancies may be terminated by giving a notice of four months.


There are many online legal forms site where the rental lease agreement Illinois can be created without much effort. Sign up, and you may get a free trial subscription.

Carlos Davis
Carlos Davis
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