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Medical Fields That Will Become More Important Post-COVID-19

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COVID-19 might have taken the world over in 2020, but there will be an end to the pandemic. The virus has changed the mindset of the whole world. Certain fields are becoming a major focus for students who want to get involved in the medical profession. Here are some of the major fields that are growing in popularity because of the pandemic.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health professionals are likely going to be a big facet of the medical world. COVID-19 has shown evidence of major heart complication in patients—especially those with pre-existing heart disease. America has a high rate of heart disease and obesity, so cardiovascular professionals will likely be important to treat these individuals.

If you are not looking to go into medical school, cardiovascular health might be a great career path for you. While some graduate schools can last for up to a decade, cardiovascular school might be only about 2-4 years. You can work by meeting and diagnosing patients—helping them improve their current health conditions. You can also work on the technology that helps doctors monitor cardiovascular function.

Respiratory Care

Of all the COVID-19 symptoms that professionals know of, the most common ones show a negative effect to the lungs and breathing. Breathing issues can lead to lethal infections such as pneumonia. The respiratory field will become essential as medical experts try to understand how to minimize the virus’s lethal effects.

There are many careers available in the respiratory care field. Respiratory therapy is the most sought-after career right now. Therapists can help recovering patients strengthen their breathing over a longer period. You can become a doctor that specializes in respiration. These doctors might be tasked with taking care of sleep disorders, but tackling COVID-19 lung infections could become a major function for them.


Epidemiology is one of the less considered fields of study in medical school. Most people immediately think about surgeries, appointments, and hospital work. COVID-19 has completely changed the world mindset, making epidemiologists a high-demand career. Rather than spending time in the operation room, epidemiologists are tasked with observing the spread and mitigation of diseases. They try, to the best of their ability, to track the amount of infections.

These scientists often work in the public sector. They report their findings to government officials and give advice on what laws and mandates the leaders should consider implementing. For example, Dr. Anthony Fauci in the United States government talks with President Trump and other leaders to help them in the fight against COVID-19. This is an excellent field of study if you do not want to focus on surgery or visible medical conditions, but want to help people in another way.

Pursuing a medical career is a noble endeavor, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors, nurses, and other health care experts are on the hospital “front lines” fighting the disease every day. By focusing on your education in a field relating to COVID-19, you are guaranteeing a stable career for yourself. You are also playing a key role in defending people from the virus.

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