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Most Popular Cloud Platforms. What should you Learn?

HomeTechnologyMost Popular Cloud Platforms. What should you Learn?

With the increasing requirements of the market, different companies offer cloud platforms to maintain various business strategies like development, management, and implementation of applications. Let us see what are the most effective and useful cloud platforms to be used to manage the technical requirements of an organization.


Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform which includes storage, data analysis, and much more. Today, it has a bulk share of 35% of market share. They offer their services to individuals, small as well as big companies, government organizations, etc. And all these are possible with just an Internet connection.

AWS comes with many features that a computer has. It includes both CPU and GPU when it comes to processing, hard disk for storage purposes, and RAM for memory. Check out the AWS course for detailed information.


Azure is a product from Microsoft. It has proven to a reliable solution. Different from the other cloud service providers, Azure supports the development, testing, deployment, and management process. It gives support for PHP, node.js, and Thus, Azure can be considered as complete package for development, management, and security.


As Technology is ever growing, it is not easy to answer this question. Due to technological advancements, many trends are available everyday. And it becomes a complicated job to pick a tool or software.

Cloud computing is indeed a great career. The concept of Cloud Computing has helped the organizations a lot regarding the safety of data. Organizations are planning on a Digital transformation for consistent achievement in current technology environment.

In today’s market, both AWS and Azure are relevant. Both these public clouds have gained attention in the market. Let us delve deep into both of these.


It is to be noted that both AWS and Azure are certainly the best according to the business needs. Both are certified one and have immense value in the market. But to choose one, we have to look in detail. Let us compare them both.

  • AWS was introduced in the year 2006 whereas Azure was established in the year 2010.
  • AWS had market share upton40% whereas Azure had market share up to 30%.
  • AWS is open to the open-source community but Azure is not.
  • AWS licensing gives more flexibility and support to the Linux ecosystem and Azure do not.
  • AWS pricing is on the basis of hour but Azure pricing is on the basis of minute.
  • Azure is good in hybrid cloud and AWS is good in its flexibility.

To learn more about both AWS and Azure, let us go through the picture given below.


Also visit AWS Training in Bangalore for more details.

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