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The Top 4 Procedures in A Smile Makeover

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We consider our smile one of our best assets. A beautiful smile gives not only our confidence but self-fulfillment as well. Knowing that we can draw a curve on our faces without getting conscious is satisfying. 

Many people wish to have a beautiful smile. But only a few are born with a natural one. This is because most of them are suffering from tooth damage. Good thing that smile makeover is here. A brilliant solution to restoring damaged teeth and other related cosmetic concerns. This method helps whiten, straighten and improve the entire look of the teeth. 

 What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a series of dental measures availed by a person for cosmetic purposes. It can straighten misaligned or gapped teeth and improve a person’s smile into a more aesthetic one. This dental procedure also includes full-mouth restoration. It is a process that can enhance oral health and function. A helpful procedure that overcomes dental problems that affect the quality of life. 

Most of the procedures included in a smile makeover are restorative. Meaning, it can bring damaged teeth back to their healthy and proper function. 

When to Seek Professional’s Help?

An excellent way to determine if you need a smile makeover is a thorough assessment. You can do it by yourself or consult a dentist about it. Dentists are professional in examining mouth and teeth. They suggest a specific treatment procedure that is perfect for your need and preference. 

Few indications that you need a smile makeover are:

    • If you have discolored teeth which are usually yellowish or brownish. This can happen because of the variety of food that we eat. Teeth usually appear dirty even when cleaned already. 

    • If your teeth are decaying. Minimal times of tooth brushing can be one reason. Small food particles left on the corners of the teeth may have contributed to the process.

    • If you are experiencing tooth loss. This shows that you need a teeth treatment to prevent losing more.  

    • If you have cracked, worn, and gapped teeth. These indications call for a smile makeover procedure immediately.  

    • If you are suffering from damaged, deformed, and distorted teeth. Taking an action as soon as possible is necessary. You don’t want to regret losing all your teeth and cannot smile. 

Why You Should Opt for A Smile Makeover?

We usually associate a beautiful smile with increased self-esteem and social standing. Often, it also opens great opportunities that you have never imagined. This can include professional, career, or societal opportunities. 

Opting for a smile makeover lets you enjoy plenty of benefits. Some are:

 Improved Confidence

A beautiful smile makes a good impression. People who have undergone a smile makeover are a lot more confident than before. They can smile whenever they want without feeling conscious and embarrassed. 

 Lessens Stress

Some studies say smiles can change the mood of a person and reduces stress. If someone smiles, he’ll feel less stressed as well. Smiling also lowers potential health risks. 

 Ease of Chewing

Damaged, gapped or distorted teeth contribute to difficulty in chewing. Undergoing smile makeover solves these teeth problems. With an improved ability to bite down, you can enjoy eating whenever you wish.

 Enhanced Speech Ability

Teeth also affect your speaking ability. Damaged, gapped, or misshapen teeth often result in strained speech. Improved teeth also lead to improved diction and eliminate the difficulty in speaking. 

 Healthier Mouth 

Healthy teeth also mean a healthy mouth. Smile makeover enhances oral health and function. From this, health risks associated with oral health are also lessened. 

Top 4 Procedures in A Smile Makeover

Various procedures are available to improve the quality and restore the original beauty of the teeth. But there are four familiar procedures in a smile makeover. 

Teeth whitening

This is one of the common treatments included in a smile makeover. It is perfect for people suffering from discolored teeth. We can notice the excellent result in just a matter of an hour.

Dental crowns and bridges

This is an excellent dental procedure that brings back the shape, strength, and size of the teeth. It is through tooth capping using a custom-made restoration. Replacing one or more missing teeth is not a problem.  

Dental implants 

These dental materials serve as permanent replacements for missing teeth. They are usually manufactured from titanium posts. It will last for many years, thus saves you money from replacements. 

White composite tooth fillings

These fillings can amend several dental problems. Their color is usually the same as the shades of your teeth. This is to ensure that they are less observable. 

Book your appointment today!

We often exchange smiles with individuals around us. This outward expression shows happiness and also builds a more harmonious relationship.  A beautiful smile can leave a beautiful impression. It even increases a person’s confidence. Being able to smile with confidence portrays success and beauty. 

Feeling embarrassed about how your teeth look and unable to smile with confidence? Visit North York Smile Centre and let professionals bring back your best smile!

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Mike Khorev
Mike Khorev
Mike Khorev earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree, as well as a Master of Science, from the University of Toronto. He provides exceptional patient care by investing time in getting to know his patients, easing their concerns, and providing practical ways for improving their dental health.


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