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How to Move Away from Your 9-to-5 Job

HomeEducationalHow to Move Away from Your 9-to-5 Job

Working a 9-to-5 job is nothing to be ashamed of. If that is your life, you should be proud of it. However, a 9-to-5 job can significantly decrease the amount of time that you have for other things in your life. Your earning potential can also be severely limited. If you’d like to change things up and get more freedom, try the following:

Go Independent

Going independent is a term that refers most commonly to insurance agents. A captive agent works for a single company and sells only their products. Being a captive agent has benefits that go away when you become independent. These include things like benefits, client lists, salary, commissions and more. However, as an independent agent you can sell the products of multiple insurance agencies. This allows you to better take care of your customer base. Being independent also allows you to set your own schedule and hours. If you don’t work in insurance, there are still ways that you could take your job and perform it independently of your company like a paid contractor or a consultant.

Invest for Passive Income

Most people work for money rather than enjoyment. If you can find a way to earn passive income, you will no longer be forced to work for money. There are many ways that you can achieve passive income. One way is through real estate investment. One of the most common ways is to invest in multi-family housing. Another way to earn passive income is through stock market investments. All passive income comes with a certain amount of risk; however, you can mitigate this risk by educating yourself about the method and its pitfalls.

Start a Company

Starting your own company is a sure way to change up your normal work life. However, you shouldn’t expect to be working fewer hours at the beginning. The life of an entrepreneur generally requires that they work more hours than average at the beginning so that they can get their company off the ground. However, there is a lot of enjoyment in being able to reap the fruits of your labor. Over time, you can grow your company to the point where you can hire employees to take care of most of your responsibilities. Before long, you can turn the company into a passive income machine that will leave you free to pursue your other interests.

If you aren’t satisfied with your current work situation, don’t allow yourself to stay stuck in a rut. The human mind has infinite potential for success when we allow ourselves to consider the possibilities. Start looking for ways that you can take your talents and earn income in another fashion. If you are determined, you’ll find a way.

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