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What Not to Overlook When Taking Care of Your Oral Health

Home Wellness What Not to Overlook When Taking Care of Your Oral Health

Everybody relies upon our teeth, but they are often one of the most neglected parts of the body. It’s great to be able to rely upon our smiles, even behind masks. Folks love them to be shining and clean, and want healthy breath and gums. They are, after all, the only portion of a person’s skeleton that gets viewed every day! How can you know how to best care for this critical portion of your body?

Teeth Sensitivity

There are lots of reasons your teeth might have a different sensitivity to usual, and, of course, nobody wants teeth that hurt. Tooth enamel can be worn down over time, of course. However, exposed nerves can be a major reason for sudden tooth pain. You want to make sure you don’t have cavities, or that there are pockets in your gum where there is food gathering that needs to be relieved before cavities form. Grinding your teeth out of stress can cause tooth and jaw pain, and this has become extremely common during pandemic. Sinus infections can also radiate into tooth and jaw sensitivity.

Your Gums

It’s often easy to forget how important your gums are to physical health and to preventing mouth pain. Receding gums can cause a great deal of nerve exposure. This can cause the common problem of hot and cold sensitivity. An abscess on your gums can cause many side effects, if it’s not taken care of by a dentist. Caring for your gums, both by brushing them along with your teeth, and by getting frequent checkups, is critical for your overall health.

Overall Health

It’s critical to take care of your teeth and gums, especially because your oral health is a good indicator of your overall physical health. Things like cardiovascular diseases, diseases during pregnancy, diabetes, and pneumonia are all linked to oral health and oral bacteria. If you are seeing symptoms like chronic bad breath, mouth ulcers, or frequent dry mouth, these can all be indicators of varied illnesses. Make sure to see your doctor if you notice any changes in your own oral health.

Your teeth might be almost forgotten unless it’s picture day, but keeping track of changes in your oral health can help your overall health. Being sure to see a dentist twice a year, and brushing your teeth twice a day, are both important to help your whole body be safe. Don’t wait until you have pain to make sure your mouth is healthy! Your smile will be out from underneath that mask in no time!

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