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No Ordinary Diagnosis – Recovery From Toxic Mold Exposure

HomeTechnologyNo Ordinary Diagnosis - Recovery From Toxic Mold Exposure

Her name is Tammy and she is a Licensed Medical Assistant and a faculty instructor. Her height is petite however, the amount of knowledge within her head is as vast as the sea.

As a healthcare practitioner, Tammy would like to coach everyone else about it covert and potentially lethal disease: toxic mold exposure, which is no ordinary diagnosis. “It morphs from the absence of educated, and prompt medical intervention.” She would like one to keep away from the grim lesson she learned first hand.

In the interview, Tammy talked with jurisdiction. “If chronic ailments are dismissed, it might be lethal…” Her voice softened but her focus bolstered. “It seemed like I was a magnet for bacteria and viruses “

“Some of these indicators include illnesses like sinus infections, migraines, eye problems, sore throats, and extreme fatigue. Medical treatments can be obtained however it is a slow procedure. The treatments are not generally covered by insurers but how will you place a monetary value in life?”

She paused to grope her throat with a sip of water. It seems like you are climbing out of a deep, dark hole. However, it’s possible”

When she talked, the grin on her face waned as she proclaimed her son almost died as a result. His lungs were collapsing… the physician who tested and treated said,”You’ve got to walk away from your house, from everything.”

Everything in our home has been contaminated… with mold”

I asked ,”How did you know exactly what to do?”

A couple of years ago she had attended a clinical conference and heard all about the toxicity of mold disorder. “They shared documented information about toxic mold exposure. I had been aware of it earlier but that I didn’t discover how it influenced people. After the speaker worked through the slide presentation about indications of toxic mold exposure, the notion occurred to me both my son and that I had all the symptoms!”

That evening Tammy captured her thoughts in a diary. “Could this be the main cause of our ongoing illnesses? I must learn. I decided to dig deep into those handouts.”

“I did lots of research. I even ordered a publication named Mold Warriors after which bought another book about affordable mold testing services in Ottawa. I read every thing. I came across blogs about noxious mold and subscribed for upgrades. Together, it looked like Mt. Everest however I wished to master.

Tammy leaned forward in her seat. “I wanted to know why we had been really sick. Most our outward symptoms fit perfectly together. It had been just like finding the missing puzzle piece for a jig saw puzzle, but our own lives were in dire jeopardy. I was pressured to learn regarding the damaging effects of mold on the human body. There was a response for anyone unrelenting illnesses. I’m certain there was a reason and a purpose for me to attend that specific conference.” She sat back in her seat. “I knew there might be the others vulnerable to toxic mold and from being well-informed, it may permanently alter many lifetimes “

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