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In this Digital Era, a stunning user experience and creative web design aren’t just good extra things to have, they’re expected and essential for a website to be successful. Now its important to point out the skilled design work that caught our eye and choose it to exercise it.

Some are:

Many companies started to offer dark mode versions of their website, and this trend will continue to grow in 2021. Dark mode, night shift and other low light user interface options provide users with a low-contrast site or app that make it easier to look at in low light environments. Some website allowing users to toggle between light and dark versions as they scroll through pages.

Storytelling and Interactive Web Design

Interactive website growing popularity and this UX web design will only continue to be the heart in upcoming years. As we know, Consumers spend lots of time on websites that utilize responsive and interactive features. However, UX design trends can be expensive and time consuming to implement.

Rotating Animations

This is the best and more attractive website design. They make users more curious because every time you refresh the homepage you’ll find a new and innovative branded video. Surprises and funny short animations like this leave users with a unique experience on your website every time they visit.

Embedded Video

Using a video on your website homepage is trending now a days. Because there is a use of series of short video clips in the background of our homepage, the design serves as a great way to expose our services and positive culture of our company. When users visit our website, there is an immediate impression of who we are, what we do and how our team interacts. We are in favour of using videos on your homepage if you’re creating a new website by now and then.


Voice User Interface makes computer and human interaction easier. VUI has made it possible to have spoken human interactions with technology devices. It is the AI assistants such as Apple iOS, Siri, and Home Pods like Google Home. It is one of the brand new web design trends, more advance and unique in 2020.

We will see amazing implement VUI features few are as Customer Journey Maps to improve interaction, Simple Templates and Design keeping primary straightforward information, Voice ID Logins which helps in recognizing individual voice and faces.

Immersive 3D elements

The vogue of this trend is increasing in 2020 as AR and VR technologies gain momentum now. So, it is a best idea to combine these techniques to generate realistic 3D visuals taking users whole screen.

The trend permits UI and UX designers and entrepreneurs to prettify their websites. Like this, they encourage likely customers to hang on longer and increase the average session time. Such visuals attract users as they cut across boundaries between the virtual space and real life.

One of the essential requirements for a victorious 3D graphics implementation is the high performance of your website UI. If your platform is not fast loading and well optimized, it will not support properly such heavy content. As a result, your website may provide users with lags, low response time, and so on.

Creative Color Branding

This is the one more 2021 web design trend we love. Companies are moving forward a new website design that is branded based on page or product, and the attractive color changes when the user navigates and interacts with elements on the page. This web design helps the user navigate through the site and builds intuitive associations with products or service pages solely based on color cues prompt. Check out that great site for branded color web design innovation!

Modern Minimalism: Simple Web Design Inspiration

Besides modern design graceful to look at, but many modern website offer a simple and elegant user experience. Very minimal design that shows off their fun, playful brand for web designs are useful to gain trust of audience. There are no obtrusive features to distract visitors from achieving their objective of finding more information or booking an appointment and it’s easy for users to find relevant information on this site.

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