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Future of the E-commerce industry looks bright and promising!

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By the year 2023, it is estimated that the e-commerce purchases will rise from 14% to 24%. We already know that the e-commerce industry is expanding itself enormously but it still has some potential left to reach a certain height. The E-commerce environment is continuously upgrading and attracting more and more entrepreneurs every year. Companies too are battling with each other to win a greater share of the pie. In this guide, you will learn what the future will look like and the most anticipated changes regarding the future of e-commerce.

After using new technologies, no one would ever go back to the market where we have to do the things manually. If we talk about the online business, it has certain advantages for both consumers and entrepreneurs as they receive certain profits for the long period of time if they are going according to the latest trends. 

Some of the predictions are listed below: 

Personalization: E-commerce websites are going to be personalized and appealing to the customer’s eye. With the help of a professional Shopify developer NZ, it is easier to set up one for you. When we talk about e-commerce brick and mortar shops, there is no one to take care of our required items personally. This is the main reason why e-commerce websites are integrating this feature into the applications so that users can get more personalized experience. This can easily track customer’s preferences and give them recommendations according to their previous searches. 

E-commerce delivery drones: Drones are the flying robots which are programmed to fly alone or operated by an individual. One must be wondering how a flying robot correlates to the e-commerce industry. Drones will work as the delivery agents in the future. This will cut the delivery time hence, delivering the items faster than today. The overall cost will be reduced and people will get what they seek in the shortest time possible. 

Social media shopping: E-commerce websites are aware of the fact that many people give importance to social media and they shop from them usually. They are shifting their operations towards social media and posting their content via Facebook or Instagram. We know that millions of people use social media platforms every year, this is probably the best time to invest in the market.  

Pop-up shops: If you are in an e-commerce business, it is a big disadvantage not to have a brick and mortar shop for all your items. It can give your customers an option to check and review the items online and in-person. When shopping online, one has to think a lot about the product quality and so on, if you have a shop where you can review the same items, it is a big advantage for both the customers and business. If we talk about the future of pop-up shops, we can say that it has a promising future ahead because individuals would like to see all the items if possible before proceeding the purchase. 

Artificial Intelligence: You must be familiar with the voice-enabled assistance like Siri or its android equivalents. Many customers use these assistants to complete their online work like searching for any desired products or do general tasks.the study predicted that 50% of all online searches will be based on these assistants by 2022. In terms of online shopping, alexa, google assistant will be on top priorities for shopping purposes or other things. 

Why should you bet on the future of e-commerce?

Social distancing and new guidelines from the government during the pandemic have disrupted shopping habits of the consumers whereas e-commerce online platforms are trending in the positive direction. Everyone is praying for everything to get back to normal after the pandemic and during this time, many entrepreneurs have entered the industry with the new and innovative ideas which can yield profits for the long term. 

If we talk about the future, it can be said that these new shopping habits are here to stay and not for the temporary reasons. Users enjoy the convenience of online businesses and they are reluctant to return to old shopping habits after they have started experiencing the latest shopping trends. 

Pandemic sparks entrepreneurship!

Many surveys revealed that whenever a pandemic hits a nation, many new businesses have set up according to the current situation of the market. No doubt pandemic creates unemployment as well but apart from that, there are many new ventures which are setup in various parts of the country. Not only businesses have resulted in expansion, but education is also done online during the ongoing pandemic. Lockdown has changed the way of living of many people including students. 

During the lockdown, grocery and food were trending by making people habitual of ordering online. Individuals who never ordered online, have registered themselves in the food delivery platforms and now, it has become a habit of online food and grocery ordering. Nowadays, when the pandemic has almost settled down, taxi business is also coming up with huge benefits. Individuals are demanding for sanitized and safe travel due to which many entrepreneurs are entering the taxi industry with their unique ideas. 

Starting an online business is not that much difficult. One just needs to plan features and functionalities and find a software development company who can work according to their needs. Integrating basic and advanced features are the top priorities of the entrepreneurs who are starting a new business. More advanced features with the help of latest technology trends means more customers connected with your business model. It is always advised to develop a customer-centric application. 


All in all, we can say that online business has set their feet in the market since the pandemic has hit the nation. Many entrepreneurs are taking this opportunity very well by coming up with new ideas to implement in the market. Technology, on the other hand is also moving at a really fast pace and within a span of a decade, we will be on a certain height where we don’t use much manual work as everything will run on AI and ML technologies. We will be coming up with new technologies which can connect consumers with the entrepreneurs more efficiently. 

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