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Creative Agency Vs Advertising Agency

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Do you want a creative agency or a marketing agency?

You’ll see the magic of both agency types while looking at the most successful today’s companies.

For example take Apple Company: They believe that “design and utility” are just two of the reasons behind its success and certainly give it a competitive edge.

To handle and sustain its growth, Apple employs creative agencies. But before launching their product, they leverage the expertise of marketing agencies.

This is the dissimilarity between a creative agency and a marketing agency.

What is a creative agency?

A creative agency is a phrase that provides variety of services that fall under the gamp of marketing and advertising. Especially, if you need any creative type strategy, work, or promotion, they can help you get it done.

What is a Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency is a business that strategizes, brands, researches, and promotes a company’s products/services. Ultimately, marketing agencies tie up with a company to develop, manage, explore, and implement its marketing strategy to achieve defined business goals.

Hence, while creative agencies help to brighten marketing ideas, marketing agencies plan, create, and execute the right content to the right people.

Difference #1: Market research vs User research

Through market research, you can evaluate a business opportunity, explore the economic forces at play by investigating leading industry trends and the competition, and get an idea of your market size.

By market research you determine how to position your business, an agency recognize measures to differentiate your brand from competitors. It allows them to identify “where” that positioning should be done something that comes from knowing your potential customers’ demographics. Marketing agencies excel in doing this type of high-level market research.

However, some marketing agencies have in-house user researchers; creative agencies glow the most in the area of user research.

Market research helps in determining how and where of your brand.

But to know why people would care, you must appeal to their interests and address their good points the moment they spot your brand collaterals, most times without saying a single word.

User-focused design is the key of creative agencies.

To be great at this, they always do user research to determine the demographics of prospective customers, even after market research has identified their psychographics.

These shows that why you’ll find UX researchers and UI/UX designers lead the lines for creative agencies.

Difference #2: Long-term branding vs Specific targeting

The branding, usually executed by creative agencies, is a long-term approach. It includes creating design assets and visuals to depict what your company presents and to coherent your corporate identity even in the coming years.

But with Google, as time collapses and new market opportunities, the need to develop that identity may arise as you realize the need to appeal to specific audiences.

Use creative agencies when it is required to design and evolve your brand and corporate identity to reflect what your brand represents in the long term and in evolving times.

Marketing agencies’ works rotate around looking new avenues to market your business’ offering, reach ideal audiences, and increase growth.

Difference #3: Creative direction vs Marketing strategies

Marketing and creative agencies also vary in the area of Go-to-Market strategy development and leading the creative direction of the strategy execution on different channels.

Here is another way to say that marketing agencies can help you to find what channels to market your product or service. They also help you to plan and decide what types of content will drive the most impact.

Creative agencies, hence, are a better choice if you know which channels and content types to create, especially when there’s a requirement of expert design of the final deliverable of such content.

Difference #4: Analytics vs Creativity

It’s a good way to differentiate a creative agency from a marketing agency.

Here, you can see marketing agencies as analytical side because they munch a lot of numbers in search of logical insights to account things like marketing spend, marketing ROI, etc.

On the other side, creative agencies deal with creative thinking and by applying emotionally driven design development to attract intangible human emotions not surely measured by numbers.

Even though in business, everything, including efforts of both a marketing or creative agency, gradually gets measured in the long run to justify their investments.

Which one should you choose: Creative agency vs marketing agency?

Most probably it “Depends”.

As we know that both agencies bring excellent level of creativity to whatever they do. You need both to move your business forward.

To develop or improve you’re branding or brand identity, go to a creative agency. And, when you want to create or improve design assets to support your marketing campaigns or make your content more tempting, creative agencies helps in these areas.

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