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Everything You Need To Know About Speech Therapy

HomeWellnessEverything You Need To Know About Speech Therapy

Did you recently find out that your child is having trouble with verbal and non-verbal communication? What was your initial response? Of course, you rushed to the hospital. Finding that your child is suffering from language and speech disorders can be a disturbing experience for anyone. As a parent, you can have your queries and difficulties regarding speech therapy.

One of my friends was planning to go to a speech therapist in Peshawar and she literally had hundreds of questions about it. Assuming that all of you might have a similar problem, I’m discussing the ground rules about speech therapy and therapist.

Who is a speech therapist?

Speech therapists usually address the problems regarding language and speech issues particularly among children as well as in adults. Speech therapists usually treat several disorders including;

Articulation disorder- problem with making speech sounds properly

  • Receptive disorders- problem with processing understanding what is being said
  • Expressive disorders- Trouble while conveying and expressing information
  • Fluency disorder- problem with rhythm, speed, and flow of the speech  
  • Resonance disorder- change in the way of airflow while talking
  • Dysarthria- motor speech disorder that causes slurred speech
  • Aphasia- language impairment due to communication disorder

Speech therapy for children and adults

Speech therapists treat language and speech disorders in speech therapies. Basically, speech therapy for children is significantly different from speech therapy for adults. Speech therapists design speech therapies for children to;

  • Interact with the children during the different activities for language intervention
  • Teach them to make certain sounds children have trouble making
  • Design activities and plan homework to ensure that parents and child can practice at home

In contrast, speech therapy for adults to focus on;

  • Problems solving and organization abilities in adults
  • Improvement of cognitive and social communication
  • Exercises for muscle strengthening and resonance

How long speech therapy is required?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule to determine the duration of speech therapy as it can depend upon several factors. These include;

  • Type of disorder
  • The severity of the problem
  • Age of the patient
  • Any other medical condition
  • Frequency and duration of therapy sessions

How to choose a good speech therapist?

A speech therapist is patient and sensitive with effective communication skills and problem-solving abilities. However, it is hard to evaluate all these parameters by just observing the physician. But you can choose a speech therapist by;

  • Checking for the experience and training of the physician
  • Observe the comfort level of your child
  • Discussing their treatment approach regarding your case
  • Checking their previous engagement and appointment procedures

Common mistakes by speech therapist during the session

Among all the ins and outs of speech therapy, you need to know about the common mistakes made by the therapist. This can help you to even plan your therapy sessions at home Some of these mistakes include;

1- Therapist is unstoppable

A speech therapist who is constantly engaged in sessions one after another can affect the outcomes. So, it is always recommended for a speech therapist to take time between consecutive sessions to relax.  

2- Constantly reinventing the wheel

Another fundamental mistake by speech therapists is their perception regarding effective therapy. They put unnecessary efforts to make everything innovative while several available resources can provide prepared material on all aspects of speech therapy. This is particularly important if you are planning to do it at home, you can save a lot of time getting available materials and designing your sessions accordingly.

3- Not optimizing the resources

Many therapists tend to learn about different strategies to make their sessions effective. Learning different behaviour strategies to implementing them individually can drive you crazy. Hence, a good therapist should first decide on some of the best resources and then use them to save both time and energy.

I’ve known this therapist in Kuwait teaching hospital Peshawar who used to have minimal systems at his centre and slightly modify those for different sessions.

4- Having unrealistic expectations

No matter how much effort you are putting in your therapy sessions, student responses can greatly vary. Avoid putting undue pressure on students that will ultimately affect their performance in this regard.


Speech therapy is an effective way to treat multiple speech and language disorders. However, the process is quite slow and steady. If you are going to do speech therapy at home, make sure you are choosing the right approach and a designated time slot for your sessions. But if it seems unmanageable to you, you can rely on a speech therapist.

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