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The interrelation between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep learning

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In the era of digital transformation and automation, today we are witnessing the change. Change that is making our lives more automated and easier. The basic underlying programs that are making it possible are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. The stack of complex statistical models and if-then statements comprise the foundation of these computer programs. Automation and voice commands have been revolutionizing our world.

Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Deep learning are the terms that are being used interchangeably. All three terms are substituted and comprehended as the same. While the terms are somehow overlapped they all play their own part. A quick difference among them is as follows-

  • AI is making computers smart enough to mimic human behavior.
  • ML means the underlying techniques that do the interpretation and calculations to ultimately deliver AI apps and programs.
  • Deep learning is further a part of ML, involving further advances in AI. It involves solving of many-layered neuron and solving complex problems.


In the covid 19 pandemic, AI and ML based technologies are being used by experts to evaluate the virus, diagnose the individuals, and test the vaccine results. Deep learning is being used to come up with the origin of the virus, studying various complex problems and diseases associated with it by studying the deadly combinations of its effects.

In other words, AI is a vast subject that embraces the intelligence and smartness of the web world. ML follows the AI and helps problem-solving and data analysis for making AI flow seamlessly. Lastly, DL is a term that actually takes a further step to handle the advances of AI and escalating the concept.

Let us dive into the wide terms further for artificial intelligence, machine learning, or deep learning.

The interrelation of AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

From taking simple commands of recognizing voice commands to solving complex problems, Ai is gaining importance with subsequent breakthroughs in Deep Learning and Machine learning. It’s important to understand the difference between the three verticals.

While Artificial intelligence with a set of restricted commands is a mimic of human intelligence, Machine Learning is one of the Algorithms of AI, and Deep learning is one of the techniques of AI.

Lets fragment it further

While some people have been using the terms interchangeably, there is a line of difference amongst them.

Machine learning involves feeding a computer with data and statistical techniques to learn and produce output while letting it get progressively better at the task by taking in commands pervasively. It is not specifically programmed for everything; it learns and evolves in intelligence. Moreover, it is being preferred by developers as it eliminates the need for written coding. As such machine learning is a blend of programmed learning with supervised labeled data sets and unsupervised learning without actual coding sets.

Deep learning is a combination and set of neural network architecture although it is part of machine learning. Deep learning works with data processing taking place amongst a number of hidden layers and making it proficient enough to learn in deep and giving better output results

Artificial intelligence or (AI) or the intelligence of machines, integrated with python helps articulate real-world applications that interact. AI has its scope in varied fields like Language Processing, Deep Learning, Genetic Algorithms, and Artificial Neural Networks.

What is AI?

A branch of computer science, that helps builds smart machines that are capable enough to match human intelligence. A multidisciplinary approach has its applications across many industries. Machine learning and deep learning have further opened the horizons of AI. Such advancements in AI will eventually bring a revolution to the tech industry by opening new avenues of intelligence by machines.

AI is an extreme endeavor to replicate or simulate human intelligence. It involves matching human intelligence in machines, but do we know who is more intelligent – Machines or Humans?

What is machine learning?

Machine learning involves gradual learning from the data by parsing the algorithms and their application for informed facts and decisions.

Machine learning augments the automated tasks that take their application across multiple industries. The simplest example that shows how machine learning has become an important part of our daily lives is the suggestions tab on Netflix. The programs and films are filtered among the preferences and personal choices of the subscriber. Machine learnings gradually learn the taste and preferences as per the user history and suggest next must match programs.

The AI algorithm acts as a personal virtual assistant giving a sense of automation.

 What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is the most advanced version of Ai as it analyzes data with a logical structure as human intelligence is expected to do. Artificial Neural networks or the layered structure of algorithms make deep learning possible. As the human brain intents to make conclusions decisions after considering certain facts, the artificial neural network works in a similar way paving the path of Artificial intelligence to the next level

Wrapping up

While there is a thin line of difference among the three as they are said to be the subset of Artificial intelligence.

Here are some pointers that can easily make a clear difference

  • Machine learning applies various algorithms to parse data while learning on the way of making decisions 
  • Deep learning implies structuring the algorithms in certain layers that eventually lead to making customized informed decisions. The layering is called the Artificial neural network as it works as the system of neurons of the brain

Artificial intelligence is a way broader term, simplifying our lives and making us feel the pleasures of automation. Deep learning and machine learning are the subfields of AI that further pave the path of advancement in the field.

AI is being extensively used by Python development companies to make smart devices which work with programmed coding and continuous commands over the process. Artificial intelligence is heading forward to a period where everything will be automated, sorted and processed with minimal coding and greater smartness.

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