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Maintaining Rental Property: What Are Key Things to Know?

HomeBusinessMaintaining Rental Property: What Are Key Things to Know?

The rental properties will need even more attention. The utility and HVAC systems can develop issues that would need the replacement of appliances regularly. The property’s age and how it was maintained earlier affect how much maintenance it would need now. Before you sign a rental lease agreement in California, here are some tips for the rental property.

1# Get Ready for Maintenance

Renting any property brings additional expense. Have you planned for maintenance expenses? It is about 1.5 times the monthly-required rent amount. However, the estimate would depend on the age and condition of the home. It is the amount that is required to cover the cost of maintenance of the rental property during the lease time.

The specific items of maintenance that the landlords are responsible for vary depending on the rental property’s location. You need to be familiar with the building laws and codes which relate to the obligations. If you are not aware of the laws that affect the rental property investment, you should get in touch with an attorney to mention the effect of issues that affect the rental property.

3# Regular Extermination Is a Must

Even if you find that there are no insect and rodent problems, you must exterminate the rental property regularly. Don’t limit the extermination to a particular apartment as critters travel to other parts easily. While nothing stops you from doing the extermination on your own, the task is best left to the professionals if you want to get better results. While regular extermination will surely cost, it is still cheaper than losing the current and prospective tenants due to pests.

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4# Look for Water Leaks

The perfect time to look for leaks is after rains when the snow and ice have started to melt or during hot and humid days when the pipes are sweaty. Do check for soft spots on the ceiling, boilers, and water heater. It is best to detect water leakages beforehand. If undetected, it can damage the ceilings, walls, and tenant belongings. Detecting leaks also prevents the formation of molds that are expensive to remove if the things are not tackled in time.

5# Ensure that Tenants are Happy

You need to take care of the rental property and respond to the requests as quickly as possible. It is an essential step to keep the tenants happy, and when the tenant is happy, he is more likely to extend the lease. If you take care of the property well, your tenants will appreciate you and value you as a landlord.

6# Maintain the HVAC Properly

It would help if you always changed the air-conditioning system’s filters and the heating units at least twice in a year. Ask the manufacturer for a highly-efficient filter that suits the air system. The dirty filters increase utility bills by making the system work harder. When you replace the filter routinely, it will prevent the air duct from any contamination. If the ducts are clogged, they will need cleaning which will be expensive and is not required.


Free California rental agreement is available at various legal forms site. However, when you are making discussions with the tenant, you can tell them that the property is well maintained and will be in the liveable condition in the future.

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Carlos Davis
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