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Things You Didn’t Know about the COVID-19 mutation

HomeInfo graphicsThings You Didn’t Know about the COVID-19 mutation

The thing we don’t know won’t hurt us –not until it comes to our knowledge and we find out it’s too late. It’s the same with COVID-19. This virus is altering its RNA, which is responsible for instruction in controlling protein synthesis.

Does it matter?

Yes, because new variants from the original COVID-19 strain were found in countries like UK, South Africa, and Brazil. These led to another series of lockdowns in different parts of the world to help stop further transmission, mainly by tourists from the said countries despite having fit to fly COVID test certificates. Travelers will have to wait for the further announcement before they proceed with their scheduled flights.

Is it highly contagious?

The severity of the new variants, as experts believe, are not making the patients exhibiting symptoms hit a severe or critical level. But as of the moment, researchers are still not sure about whether these viruses would just come and eventually disappear if it fails to thrive in its environment.

The virus transmission

 A bacterial transfer is spread through droplets found in the air. It is particularly in places that don’t provide sufficient ventilation making it easier for the new variants to attach themselves to the host’s ACE2 receptors that act as an entry point to human cells, which explains its fast spread. While symptomatic people display signs, there are these virus spreaders that don’t show any symptoms. So, when in doubt about your health, do not be afraid to ask the question: “Where is the closest pcr test near me?” to get checked.

To know more about these new variants, check out this infographic and stay updated.

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