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FAQs: Employee Fingerprint Time Clock

Home Technology FAQs: Employee Fingerprint Time Clock

Biometric attendance system or employee fingerprint time clock systems are extremely popular these days. If you are the owner of a small organization and you want to buy these systems for recording the attendance of your employees, then here you can find a few FAQs about the employee fingerprint time clock. These FAQS will help you in making the right decision.

1. What is Biometric Attendance System & Why is it Important?

It is a device that helps in maintaining the exact in and out timings of the employees.  Old system of signing the registers is time consuming and you cannot keep these records for years.  These systems are important because they help in calculating the payout of each employee. You can check the attendance of your employees and you can decide their salary according to their working hours. If you want to recruit some employees on hourly-basis packages, then you must install this system in your office.

 2. What is Employee Fingerprint Time Clock?

These clocks are great solution to small business owners.  These clocks are also known as hand punch time clocks, and hand scanner time clocks. Unlike traditional pin codes or timecards, these clocks make use of hand geometry or fingerprints to track the attendance of employees.  

 3.  How Does the Employee Fingerprint Time Clock Work? 

These systems have become popular among business across the world because they are amazingly effective, and they can record accurate timing and attendance of each employee.  These systems effectively remove the time theft that otherwise may be done by employees.  As the name suggests, fingerprint system makes use of fingerprints or hand geometry of employees to record attendance. This system can store and generate accurate data without any error.   The system matches the real time fingerprints from the stored images of fingerprints of each employee.  

4. What are Various Types of Biometric Attendance devices?

These devices help in verifying the identity of employees. These devices make use pf physical characteristics of individuals for recording the attendance. Therefore, they are easy and easy to maintain. Biometric attendance devices are available in two varieties. One of the devices is known as physiological biometrics and other one is known as Behavioural biometrics.  As the name suggests physiological biometric devices rely on physical characteristics of employees.  They make use of fingerprints, face recognition, eye recognition, hand geometry and DNA.  Behavioural biometrics can recognize the voice, signature, or keys. So, you can choose the best one according to your needs.

5. What are the Benefits of the Employee Fingerprint Time Clock & Why is it so Popular?

Employee fingerprint time clock is gaining immense popularity in workforce management.  It is because it has many advantages over the traditional system.  Some of those advantages are mentioned below: 

  • It eliminates the use of papers saving the cost of papers and this feature also makes it ecofriendly.
  • Only an imprint of employee’s finger allows you to manage salary related issues, access control and attendance.  Thus, it is very convenient, and you can manage the HR system and security measures from a single system.  
  • The data collected in these devices is accurate and therefore, the payroll of the employees is also accurate. So, there will be no doubt and confusion.
  • Moreover, it helps in saving the time theft done by employees. 
  • These systems help in increasing the productivity and accountability of employees.
  • It also helps in making the office much more organized and automated when it comes to rules and discipline. 

These were some of the essential FAQS related to employee fingerprint time clock along with their advantages.  Now as you know how these clocks work, you can install them in your organization without giving them a second thought. 

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