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7 Health Benefits of Having Fresh Flowers at Home

HomeWellness7 Health Benefits of Having Fresh Flowers at Home

More than making our interior prettier and livelier, according to a scientific study, fresh flowers also improve our overall health. The best example of this is our mood in spring. Spring is the time when nature is waking up, all kinds of plants and flowers are blooming, leafing, sprouting, and with them, our mood is improving.

This means that there are ways to be in good mood all year round.  An easy way to boost our mental and overall health is by having fresh flowers at home.

Here are all the benefits of having fresh flowers at home all year round.

Flowers improve indoor air quality

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit – plants and flowers purify the air. Indoor plants and flowers are well known for their ability to rid the air of all harmful toxins. With flowers and plants in your home, you can rest assured that the air you breathe is fresh and healthy.

So, more than a decorative item, flowers are great air purifiers. 

Flowers decrease depression and boost mood

Having flowers all around your home can help you decrease depression and it can positively affect your mood. This has something to do with their colour and being closer to nature with flowers in your home.

So, gentlemen, don’t wait for special reasons to gift your better half with some beautiful flowers. And ladies, do buy that flower bouquet you saw in the flower shop and loved so much. 

Make sure you are always in good mood with fresh flowers in your home. 

Flowers reduce stress and anxiety

Just like they boost mood and decrease depression, fresh flowers also reduce stress. We live in a world and age where stress is ever-present. From stress at work to stress at home, wherever we look there are more reasons to be stressed and anxious.  

Thankfully, there is one simple yet very effective way to reduce your stress, at least at home – fresh flowers. Not only do fresh flowers improve mood, and purify the air, they can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Having a bouquet of freshly cut flowers at home can significantly reduce all your stress. Of course, this doesn’t apply only to women. Flowers have a positive impact on men, too.

Flowers improve memory and concentration

It’s not uncommon to be forgetful and have problems focusing and concentrating. However, if it happens more often than you’d like – it’s a problem. Did you know that having flowers and plants at home can help you improve your memory and concentration?

That’s right, flowers and plants release oxygen. Inhaling pure oxygen boosts our brain cells and our mental performance is automatically improved. With fresh flowers or indoor plants, we won’t have problems with memory or concentration anymore.

Flowers improve our overall emotional health

Just think about how you feel when you receive flowers? Are you happy, surprised, or maybe even delighted? Or all of these things at once? Receiving flowers means that someone’s thinking about you and that they care about you as well.

When you know that someone cares and that they think about you – you immediately feel better, taken care of, and appreciated. If that’s not good for your emotional health, what is it?

If a bouquet of beautiful flowers is all we need to feel better, positive, and appreciated, then why don’t we send flowers to each other all the time?

Flowers improve your physical health as well

That’s right, the health benefits of flowers are many. Flowers improve even your physical health. It’s been noted that patients who get flower delivery feel less fatigued and anxious. Their blood pressure and heart rate are significantly lower and they feel more positive.

All of these health benefits and all you have to do is have a nice arrangement of freshly cut flowers in your home. Talk about inexpensive, noninvasive, and effective medicine for all those suffering from some sort of illness.

Some flowers can help you sleep

Last but certainly not least benefit of fresh flowers is improved sleep. The scent of certain flowers and plants can help us sleep better. Apart from helping us have better sleep, they also help us feel better and more rested in the morning.

How amazing is this – with fresh flowers in your room, you’d no longer need sleeping pills or anything similar to help you get a good night’s sleep.

What else has such a fundamental impact on our overall health, looks beautiful, and is fairly inexpensive? Having freshly cut flowers or potted flowers in our home can drastically change our mood, mental and physical health. So, make sure you always have a nice bouquet of fresh flowers in your home – because the flower power is real!

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Jasmine Anderson
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