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10 Tips for Saving Money When Moving into a New Apartment

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Moving into a new apartment can be a daunting affair, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Apart from choosing an apartment moving company, you’re faced with the humongous task of finding an appropriate apartment and packing. However, if you know what considerations to factor in, your move to a new home will be less stressful. Here’s a look at some things you ought to bear in mind.

To Do Things When Moving into Your New Apartment

Moving to your first apartment can be an exciting affair, especially as you seek to gain more freedom with your living space. However, to ensure you get it right the first time, here are some helpful pointers to guide you.

Do Make a Budget and Stick to It

The first thing you ought to do before moving into your first apartment is to make a budget. You need to determine your needs and make a budget based on these needs. For example, you may need amenities like air conditioning and cable TV; therefore, budget for them. Make sure you don’t stray away from your budget.

Do Choose the Right Location

Another factor to consider when moving into your first apartment is the location. You need to choose a place that is near to your school or place of work. Additionally, you’ll need a place that’s near a hospital, grocery store, and gas station.

Do Inspect Potential Apartments

When moving to your new home, make sure you inspect the condition of the apartment. Be on the lookout for signs of poor upkeep, water damage, HVAC issues, and pest infestations. You should also check the security of the area like fire escapes, fire alarms, and break-in access points, among other things.

Do Pack Your Items Safely and Efficiently

Packing is an essential part of an apartment moving. You need to consider buying the right packing supplies. It’s also crucial you pack all your belongings safely and efficiently. For example, heavy items should be packed in small boxes while light items should be packed in big boxes.

Do Hire a Professional Moving Company

You need to hire an apartment moving company based on their rates and range of services. You also need to look into the reputation and experience of the movers. A great place to start your search for movers is by soliciting referrals from friends. The internet is also a good place to look for moving services.

10 Tips for Saving Money When Moving into a First Apartment

Many people moving into their first apartment are strapped for cash and looking for ways to make the most of the little funds they have. Here are some tips to help you save money when moving into your first apartment.

1. Declutter Your Home and Sell the Excess

Decluttering your home is crucial if you’re to save on your moving costs. The more stuff you have, the more you’ll be charged for the move. Unload your stuff from the house before loading it to the truck. This will help you evaluate what’s necessary and what you can do away with. For example, you probably don’t need old college textbooks or files of papers you can digitize.

2. Donate Bulky Items You Can’t Sell

Decluttering also extends to getting rid of clothing you haven’t worn in a long while. You can sell some of these items if they’ll fetch a good price. Donate bulky items to orphanages and consignment shops.

3. Pack It Yourself

Another important tip for saving money when moving into a first apartment is packing for yourself. Some apartment moving companies come with packing supplies and also pack for you for an extra cost. If you have packing supplies, you can pack for yourself.

4. Insure a Good Move

You must insure your move to a new apartment. Moving insurance caters to the damage or loss to your possessions. The insurance policy reimburses you for any damage or theft that occurs when you’re moving. Some common moving insurance policies include separate liability coverage, released value protection, and full value protection. If you’re moving on your own, you may consider taking homeowners insurance.

5. Beware the Little Things

When moving to a new apartment, most people tend to forget the little things like packing a moving essentials bag. While this may seem unnecessary, it will prove handy when you move to your new home. You don’t want to go opening all the boxes looking for essential items. You should have a small duffel bag where you store crucial things like your wallet, documents, chargers, keys, medication, a change of clothes, and items for your pets. Likely, you might not be able to unpack all your items on the first day you’re settled into your new home. Therefore, make sure you have an apartment moving essentials bag.

6. Compare Moving Companies for the Best Deal

It’s important to compare the rates and services of apartment moving companies before making your choice. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, you should get at least three quotes for movers. To get the best possible offer, ensure the moving companies are offering the same services.

7. Don’t Move During the Busy Season.

Many house moves in the U.S. take place during the peak months of April through to September. This is because of favorable weather, real estate opportunities, among many other reasons. A crucial tip to bear in mind when moving is to postpone it if it’s the busy season. During the busy season, many movers charge a lot. You might also not find a convenient date for apartment moving. Moreover, you’ll pay more for packing supplies and might even have difficulty finding an apartment that satisfies all your needs.

8. Use Self-storage When in a Pinch

If you’re pressed for storage space in your new apartment, you should consider renting self-storage. This arrangement is convenient if you have junk that you don’t want to get rid of. For example, family heirlooms, souvenirs, paintings, and a vintage car, are some of the things you might not be willing to dispose of. This way, you can also rent a smaller apartment which means fewer moving costs and low rental fees.

9. Ask Your Company for Reimbursement

Another way to save on your move is to ask your company for reimbursement. Many companies pay their employees a relocation package. Therefore, make sure you ask your employer about reimbursement. This will mean fewer expenses for the relocation. Remember, if your company doesn’t reimburse you for moving, your expenses may be taxable.

10. Use a Moving Checklist to Organize Your Moving Process

A moving checklist is the best way to make your move to a new apartment easy. With an apartment moving checklist, you’ll have a time limit for every phase of your moving plan. For example, you’ll have a schedule of when to pack, when to buy packing supplies, when to donate or sell unnecessary items, when to look for a moving company, and most importantly, when to move out.

How to Find the Best Residential Moving Services?

When looking for a residential moving service, you need to keep your search limited to your local area. This is much more convenient and will be cheaper than searching for interstate movers. Additionally, you need to review the credentials of the moving service. Determine how long they have been in business, customer reviews, and their general reputation in the industry. It also helps to compare their rates and services with other movers. Find out whether they charge per hour, whether they have insurance, and what edge they have over other moving companies.

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Robert Benson
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