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Single Page Application – Do Your Business Really Need It?

HomeTechnologySingle Page Application – Do Your Business Really Need It?

In this competitive digital space, developers find innovative ways to deliver fast, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing websites and mobile apps to meet the ever-increasing demands of the customers. Businesses are moving towards more customer-centric solutions that provide faster, smooth, and seamless experiences to the end-users.

This is why more and more businesses are following an emerging and result-driven development approach of a single page application (SPA) to grow their brand. Many tech giants are using this emerging development trend to build high-performing apps. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Trello are a few best examples of single-page apps.

Creating a single page application is a sensible development approach that many startups, enterprises, and corporate organizations are following to provide end-users with the best possible solutions.

Whether you are a startup, small business, tech company, or an entrepreneur, thinking of developing a single page app or website to give your business more exposure. This post will help you make a well-informed decision.

Let’s check out why you should create a single page website or application for your website and how it can help your business grow an engaged and massive user base.

Single Page Application – How Does it Work?

As the name suggests, a single page application or website is a single page that interacts with users by rewriting the current page rather than loading the new page from a server. SPAs are developed to deliver their content and design elements without sending a request back to the server for new HTML.

In SPAs, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML resources required for the site are loaded once the application is first launched. When users navigate the single page application, only the page changes and updates the information, rather than the initial page load or sending the new code.

Single page applications are the most convenient way to develop websites as the dynamic loading of content on one page makes them super-fast. They offer a smooth user experience, optimal performance, and faster navigation while allowing users to navigate between different pages of an app without waiting for the page to load.

Some Amazing Benefits of Building a Single Page Application

Single page applications are gaining massive popularity among tech companies, corporate organizations, and midsize companies as they are packed with a long list of benefits. Businesses that invest in single page application development are making the most out of these one-page apps/websites.

One Time File Loading

Okay, it is one of the best features of a single page application that makes it a preferred choice for development teams. After the initial page load, the server doesn’t send any HTML request; it downloads each HTML, CSS, and JS at once, right at the beginning.

Faster Performance

One of the most important features of single page apps that make them stand out from multi-page apps is faster performance. If a page takes more than 200 milliseconds to load can have a negative impact on your brand image and eventually sales. Choosing a single page app development approach allows you to load your apps or website quicker than traditional websites and mobile apps. Quick page loading and faster performance make single page application development the preferred choice for many businesses.

Smooth User Experience

In today’s digital era, if your mobile app or website doesn’t load quickly, contain unique features, or provide the necessary performance, users don’t think for a second to choose the other platform. This is why choosing a single page app is a great choice. Single page applications deliver a smooth experience just like the desktop application or mobile app. Users don’t need to wait for a new page load, as it only changes content and design elements, not the entire page that provides a more pleasant and enjoyable experience to the end-users.

Add More Intuitive Features

Today’s tech-savvy users want highly advanced and unique features in apps and websites to get their tasks done. Thanks to SPA development, it makes it easier for app development companies to introduce multiple unique features in a SPA without even trying to reload the entire page.

One Request to a Server

One of the major benefits of developing single page applications is that you can easily save money by using fewer servers and deal with the same amount of traffic. There is no need to send extra queries or requests to the server, as it can store all the data it receives, which will eventually lower the impact on your servers. 

Easy Debugging

SPAs are mainly developed on React Developer Tools and Angular JS Batarang frameworks, making it easier for your team of app developers to debug a SPA with Chrome. These SPA development frameworks have Chrome developer tools that allow app developers to inspect page elements and monitor network operations.

Efficient Caching Policy

A single page website of the app can effectively cache local data. It sends only one request to a server, which stores all the data it receives that can be used offline. So, if a user has a slow internet connection, local data can easily be synchronized with the server when the connection restores. It is convenient for users to use SPAs regardless of the internet speed.

Thinking of Developing a SPA? Try These SPA Frameworks

Choosing the right SPA framework that suits your business requirements is critically important. Here is a list of some of the most popular single page application frameworks to build SPAs.

  • Angular.js
  • React.js
  • MeteorJs
  • BackboneJs
  • Vue.js
  • EmberJs
  • PolymerJs
  • KnockoutJs
  • Aurelia

Bottom Line

It’s no surprise that the trend of developing single page applications is all the rage. But it doesn’t mean it is the right development choice for your business. The key is to carefully consider your business requirements before making this important development decision. Developing single page applications or websites is a smarter choice for startups whose end goal is to get more exposure, gain maximum user engagement, and providing a dynamic user experience.

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