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Why are Mules the Next Big Thing in the World of Fashion?

HomeBusinessWhy are Mules the Next Big Thing in the World of Fashion?

Did you know that mule sandals were Marilyn Monroe’s most sought-after footwear? If you are lately not up-to-date with the latest footwear trends, you might as well wonder, what is a mule sandals? Let us help you find out! 

As far as the world of footwear is concerned, there are all types of styles available out there. This implies that knowing and understanding the specifics of every footwear option can be slightly challenging. If you wish to know more about mules, you can browse through the extensive collection of designer mules at Fizzy Goblet.  

An Insight into the History of Mules 

Mules are not any new trend in the world of modern footwear designs. While they might have attained a resurgence of popularity quite lately, the mules have quite a historical background.  

The history of the term ‘mule’ can be dated back to the times of the Roman Civilization. However, it was only during the late 16th century that the Latin term refers to the concept of a backless shoe or footwear. In the modern era, mule sandals or designer mules can be worn across all occasions. However, back then, early mules were only adorned in the bedroom -utilized in the form of a slipper.  

During the 17th century, affluent ladies of the French era started wearing them under the gorgeous ball gowns. The overall history of mules is indeed expansive and impressive. However, they became immensely popular since Marilyn Monroe started adorning this footwear style with high-waisted trousers and fashionable shift dresses.  

During the 1990s, mules attained a new resurgence in the overall popularity while becoming a style that continues defining the entire decade.  

Understanding the Difference Between Clogs and Mules 

While considering the difference between clogs and mules, there are several factors to consider. Both mules and clogs feature an impressive history. Clogs are usually designed out of leather or plastic upper cover and feature heavier materials -right from the sole to its heels. Initially, wood was used for the heel or sole of clogs. However, nowadays, there is an array of materials that are used for the construction of clogs.  

Mules are footwear pieces featuring no back. Therefore, there is no constraint around the heel or foot of the wearer. Around two-thirds of mules are designed out of softer materials. The back remains completely free. You can come across mules of different designs and heel heights. While some might be available mule heels, others are in the form of flat slippers. While the history of mules started out as bedroom slippers, they have nowadays evolved into a classy and stylish pair of women’s must-have footwear designs.  

Deliver Maximum Relaxation to Your Feet with Comfortable Mules 

Known to serve as comfortable shoes because of the softer suede and leather materials in the overall design, mules are nowadays worn by women in the form of summer shoes. A number of women adorn them during the fall season as well.  

One of the striking characteristics of mules is that it appears as a backless shoe. If you have some issue with your heels or calves, or any other significant pain in your entire foot, you can opt for wearing comfortable and relaxing mules to experienced maximum relaxation throughout. It is because the absence of back will not be rubbing or irritating the tendon as you walk in these heels. Mule heels are also a great option for people suffering from arthritis.  

A Guide to Wearing Classic Mule Shoes 

Mules are a leading option when you are in search for comfortable, yet classy footwear for the upcoming season. Mules are available as open-toe or closed-toe, backless, and a smart footwear option having heels ranging from small to large. Therefore, these are smart footwear pieces that are designed for all occasions and outfits. Thanks to the overall versatility of the mules, you can wear them practically with any outfit in your closet. 

With mules, it is possible to come up with a classic Parisian & chicer appearance throughout. Otherwise, you can think of creating a style derived directly from the 70s. If you wish, you can keep matters business casual and smart as well. If you have a knack for trying out something new every now & then, you can think of putting on mules with trousers or cropped pants. This enables you to highlight your overall style in ultimate vogue.  

Another leading option you can try out with mule sandals is wearing open-toed, black mules featuring a small heel. Pair the same with cuffed jeans. You can also put up a solid-colored t-shirt. You will come across an immensely casual look that is perfect for running day-to-day errands, visiting friends, or simply going out. Moreover, you can also think of adding matching accessories -like a classic handbag.  

Classic Mules for All Occasions and Seasons 

Some people think that mule sandals are meant only for the summer season. However, it is not true! It will be helpful if you aim at keeping things simple by blending the pointy toe mules with autumn sweaters and skinny or slim jeans.  

If you wish to achieve a look that can be flaunted across your office space, you can think of putting on a knee-length, A-line skirt. The sleek and simple lines blended with the comfortable, soft mules will help you in achieving a comfortable look to fulfill your diverse needs. Mules also make sure that your feet do not hurt throughout the day. 

With the impressive looks, you can easily come across something that will work excessively for your existing closet. You can also think of including new pieces to the wardrobe depending on the mules that you purchase.  


Now that you know all about mules, it is time to enter into a shopping spree to help you find the perfect pair. Get access to stylish mule on a leading portal like Fizzy Goblet and enhance your footwear wardrobe. 

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