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The Role of Customer Experience in Driving Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation has become a buzzword globally. Every organization is exploring new and innovative ways to bring forth a digital transformation, seeing its massive impact on its growth. However, digitization has moved far off from simply making your company’s manual processes digital. Now, it is more about finding digital transformation solutions that can offer an elaborated personalized experience to the customers. 

There has been a tremendous change in consumer behavior in the recent few years. Hence, delivering above the customer’s mark of expectation is the only way forward to run a successful business. Businesses that are initiating their digital transformation journey must have a good comprehension of concepts and approaches required to make them digital. 

Implementation of steps with the right understanding can take your company’s digital transformation much ahead of just IT and positively impact the business performance. Let us go ahead and comprehend how digital transformation affects businesses globally. 

What does Digital Transformation Mean?

Digital transformation can be seen as an implementation of different digital technologies into every area of the business that results in streamlined and productive operations with enhanced value deliverance to the customers. 

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In simple terms, it is about changing the interactive approach of the business to its customers. Businesses nowadays are stressing more about customer experience and satisfaction than ever before. 

This is because, for every loyal and engaged customer that the company makes, the chances of turning lead into sales get threefold. Besides, there are several other perks of digitizing your business according to customer requirements.  

What does a Modern Customer Want? 

This is an important question that most organizations fail to understand. Consumer habits have significantly changed over the period of time. With more access to smart devices than ever before, people wish to shop at the ease of sitting at their couches.  

The modern consumer is consistently connected with the technology and is aware of things that can be done using the technology. Therefore, before your competitor grabs the opportunity to pull your customer, ensure to opt for digital transformation solutions that can cope up with the expectations of the customer. 

Take a look at some of the ways to interact with modern-day consumers

  • For business-to-business customers, replace old telemarketing with social selling skills. Unlike old times, businesses are now already active on social media channels. Instead of holding back and waiting for them to approach you, it is better to educate them on what you have to offer. It is possible by sharing relevant content and providing them solutions for the challenges that they face.  
  • Marketing teams should be more focused on implementing data-driven marketing strategies. Gone are the times when offline marketing activities such as sending emails, putting up billboards were the best channel to project your brand. Now is the time to leverage digital channels and create search engine-based marketing methods.
  • Customer service has become a substantial part of every organization now. Customers directly reach out to the brand for any query they have in mind. Offering them a reliable and swift support channel definitely adds up to their loyalty to the brand. Also, your brand’s customer service must have an omnipresent approach and not only limited to a toll-free number. Social media, forums, review sites, and communities are all different ways of offering customer support.   

Implementing the Digital Transformation Strategy

Customers today have high expectations, and it does not take much for them to move from one company to another. However, digital transformation offers companies a great opportunity to comprehend the needs of their customers and offer them the best way to deliver those services. 

The below-given steps will help you determine the right strategy for implementing digital transformation in your organization.

Defining the Goals Before Execution

Technology is racing forward at a rapid pace. Every day new innovative ideas and technologies are coming into the markets. Organizations looking for ways to become fully digital must have a long-term strategy to adapt and compete in this modern world. 

The three fundamental things to consider before starting are:

– Accepting your reality and where you are now. 

– Ask yourself where you want to reach after a specified time period. 

– Finally, find out the ways on how to reach there. 

1. Adaptation of the Right Technology

Having the right technology stack needed to achieve your long-term plan is crucial in powering up your digital strategy. In today’s time, cloud technology is an essential tool in transforming businesses. It enables companies to work dynamically and more flexibly. 

Your digital transformation solutions must have the use of big data analytics, smartphone apps, etc., so that you can offer your customer the experience they desire.  

2. Personalizing the Customer Journey

Accenture suggests that over 70% of the customers are more likely to shop from a brand that knows their name, details and provides recommendations based on their previous purchases. With digital media, interaction with customers has become easier as they can be contacted through various channels. 

From directly communicating to their mobile to social media, there are several ways to stay updated with their demands and offer them an adequate solution.

3. Offering a Streamlined Multi-Channel Experience

The modern customer wants his service 24/7/365. As advanced technology has made it easier for you to access the customer, the same power has reached the customers too. They wish solutions for their problems in real-time, and the companies that are willing to offer that will surely be the winners in the long run. 

Wrapping Up

Customer preferences are changing rapidly. Businesses need to take the first step rather than sitting at the backfoot and waiting for the customer to interact first. Adaptation of the right digital transformation solutions can hugely impact the growth of your organization. It helps the company to make informed decisions based on the customer data and act in the right direction. Remember, a top-notch customer experience always provides the best results for a business.

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Eva Jackson
Eva Jackson is a content cum digital marketer at Rejig Digital a Digital Transformation Solutions & IIOT Solutions provider. She is an avid reader and likes to remain updated for the latest Augmented Reality Remote Assistance and Industrial IOT trends. Her articles are informative and interesting at the same time.

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