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4 foods that treat tummy ulcers caused by acidity

HomeWellness4 foods that treat tummy ulcers caused by acidity

Stomach ulcers are caused when the lining of the stomach wall gets damaged by acid. These peptic ulcers cause a lot of pain. Bacterium Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori are the most common causes of tummy ulcers. People dealing with stomach ulcers experience severe pain between the chest and belly button and a burning sensation in the stomach.

It also causes bloating, heartburn, indigestion, vomiting and loss of appetite, etc. Along with medications, taking some tummy-friendly foods can provide relief from this issue.


Ripe as well as raw bananas are used for curing stomach ulcers. Banana contains antibacterial compounds that restrict the growth of H. pylori that causes ulcers. Nothing is better than bananas when it comes to reducing the acidity of gastric juices. It decreases the inflammation and strengthens that stomach lining.

Having three ripe bananas daily will reduce stomach or gastric ulcers. Green banana powder is also helpful when 2 tbsp of it is mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and consumed thrice a day for a week.


Coconut or coconut milk contains anti-ulcer and anti-bacterial properties that are proven to be beneficial for curing stomach ulcers. It kills bacteria that cause ulcers.

Drinking fresh coconut milk two times a day for one week helps a lot in reducing stomach ulcers.


Cabbage is infused with lactic acid that produces an amino acid and helps in improving blood flow in the stomach lining that heals stomach ulcers. Furthermore, cabbage contains vitamin C that is proven helpful for patients with H. pylori infections.

Consuming half a cup of cabbage juice with a carrot after every meal and before bedtime for a few weeks will also give effective results.

Jalapenos or cayenne pepper

We eat a bland diet while suffering from stomach ulcers. But, cayenne pepper or jalapenos are proven helpful for treating tummy ulcers. According to a study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, jalapenos contain capsaicin compounds that stop the secretion of stomach acids and enhance gastric mucosal blood flow and mucus secretions. As a result, it prevents and cures stomach ulcers.

Take a glass of warm water and add less than a quarter tablespoon of cayenne pepper in it, and consume it twice a day for three days. Then increase the quantity of cayenne pepper up to one-quarter tablespoon and consume it twice a day for two weeks. The difference will be visible.


Small fenugreek seeds contain lots of health benefits. These seeds contain mucilaginous compounds that protect the intestine from bacteria that cause infections.

Take a glass of warm water and fenugreek seeds in it. Strain and consume fenugreek water. Also, taking fenugreek powder with milk will help in curing these ulcers.


Stomach ulcers can be treated with proper medication and consuming the aforementioned foods. But, it is not that easy to deal with them. They cause heartburn, acid reflux, burping, etc., which increases the problem. Hence, it is important to get instant relief from gas as well.

We already take prescribed medication for curing stomach ulcers, so it is better to go from some natural remedies for gas and acidity. We can take ayurvedic remedies like Gas-O-Fast to get rid of digestive problems while dealing with stomach ulcers.

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