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LED lighting design for a new business

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Whether one is planning to open an office or a retail store, renovate or retrofit an existing place to suit the new venture, starting things off right by opting for energy-efficient lighting like LEDs is the way forward.

Here is how one can get their business off to a good start-

Evaluate the situation:

It is advisable to get in touch with some of the best LED lighting manufacturers and get a hang of things that should be kept in mind. Once done, figure out what kind of lighting is appropriate for the business.

For example:

  • Before moving into a space, conduct a lighting audit and determine the scope improvements. Upgrade the lighting plan in order to make it more efficient and effective. Also, see what can be easily incorporated and things that need to change to achieve the desired look.
  • If building the place from scratch, then one might have a bit more freedom and control over the kind and position of the lighting fixtures. Work with the commercial lighting manufacturers and personal team to build the space.

Set of questions one must ask while assessing lighting needs

1. Do employees require good task lighting?

A modern office requires bright and white lighting over desks or workstations and other task-focused spaces. This helps employees concentrate more on what they are doing and stay focused. Furthermore, one can install LED light with adjustability controls so that workers can easily control where the light is going. Bonus point, make them dimmable so that one can adjust their needs as per the task.

2. Requirement of shop displays in need of good illumination?

LED lighting is extremely directional which makes them easy to adjust and control. Moreover, their beam doesn’t dispense any heat, which makes them ideal for displaying even heat-sensitive items. One can also choose from an array of LED lights that boast various colour temperatures and brightness levels.

3. Thinking of avoiding wasted man-hours that go in changing lighting fixtures?

LEDs are known for their long-lasting life which will save one the hassle of replacing them on a regular basis.

4. Aiming to keep energy expenses low?

LEDs consume much less energy compared to their traditional counterparts. Thus, they help in reducing electricity bills and energy consumption. This is highly helpful, especially when energy efficiency is the need of the hour.  

In the end, start looking at various lighting options and test them out one by one. Several people have strong notions on how their lighting should look like. And, the ideal illumination varies from one person to another as well as government workplace recommendations. So don’t forget to take into consideration the needs and requirements of the workers and customers while making the decision.

Kind of lighting

Once done with evaluating the situation, ask the question “what are employees trying to accomplish here in this space?” or “what kind of lighting will be required to finish the task?”. Now, consider these three basic kinds of lighting:

  • Accent lighting – It is a focused interior LED light that is ideal for highlighting promotional signage, artwork, architectural details, and other significant branding elements.
  • Ambient lighting- It is also known as “general” lighting as it provides a basic level of illumination across the room. So that the people working there can see well enough to move freely.
  • Task lighting – It is a brighter and concentrated level of lighting that can be adjusted easily and help workers perform the detailed task without straining their eyes.

Final Note

We understand that several important decisions need to be made and options to pick from when starting a new business venture. However, figuring out the right lighting that meets the need and requirements is extremely important. Certain things that can help make the decision a lot easier is speaking to LED lighting manufacturers, they are extremely knowledgeable and experienced and help to make the decision way easier.

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