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A Quick Car Wash Reminder Before Workweek Begins

HomeInsightsA Quick Car Wash Reminder Before Workweek Begins

Car is a commodity that helps you keep running throughout the day. In all the routine and hassle of managing the day’s tasks, one should not forget the cosmetic upkeep of the car. It may not seem to be causing any damage, but over time, the car may not be able to deliver optimum performance.

Getting the car its necessary treatment can help car owners in the long run. In doing so, it can carry out car repairs, saving cost and precious time. One might think of saving small bucks of money, but in reality, they are just saving up for an expensive visit to the car wash center.

Having said that, here are some quick benefits that you can get, by getting a regular car wash.

Preserving the Beauty

Cars are coated with perfectly applied paint that gives them a fresh, clean, and shiny look. However, with time, the paint peels off, giving a dirty and unsightly look. This dirt looks dull on the exterior, and some particles even solidify with time. Taking them off can leave scratches or even take the paint along. Preserving the car for a longer time also helps in upholding the car’s value.

Water Ravages

While some might think that the scorching heat of the summer is the reason behind the car’s exterior going dull and unsightly, they are not wrong. However, heat and high temperature are not the only reasons behind it.

In areas where the temperature drops and snow is frequent, highway departments dump a lot of salt to speed up the meltdown process. As one drives, salt gets thrown under the car, and on the sides. This gives them the perfect spot to start the rust and eating process.

However, car washes wash away the residue of salt from tires, underneath the chassis, wheel walls, etc. It also removes all sorts of winter debris that may have been thrown during the ride.

A Clean Car is a Safe Car

We all know that safe driving is really about visibility. If you can’t see properly, you can’t drive properly. Clear windows are important for 360-degree visibility. After all, as a driver, you have all eyes on the road ahead and mirrors allow you to stay aware of what is coming your way. A timely car wash allows the driver to see clearly, free of any dirt through all the windows.

car wash


This simple act of regular car wash helps extend the lifespan of the vehicle. Accumulation of dust and dirt particles can affect any surface if it stays for a long time. Giving the car a quick scrub and wipe will help extend its lifespan. It also helps make sure that there are no frequent repairs and that the car engine keeps on running well.


One may think of car washes as frequent trips to the car service center, occupying money and time from the busy routine. But a simple change in perspective can make a difference. Here’s how! Regular visits allow thorough car cleanups, especially on the exteriors. If there is a need for slight modifications or repairs, it will be done in exchange for a small amount of money.

However, if the car owner chooses to save this time and money, and visits the car wash once in a blue moon, the same car may require a lot of work. This time it may get expensive and require a lot more repairs. Therefore, getting a car wash on time remains a cost-effective option for owners.

Car Waxing

When the car washes are done by experts, they don’t simply just wash with a hose and high-pressure water. Rather, they make sure that the car is swept clean, through all the sides and narrow points. It also makes sure that the car’s wax stays intact. This car wax acts as a protective layer once the car is cleaned. Present between the car body and the paint applied, it acts as a barrier against the debris and the car body.

In instances, when the car wax starts to come off, and rust begins, car washers advise getting the car waxed. This small car service practice will keep the car safe from debris and the harmful radiation of the sun.

10 things you did not know while washing your car

Washing your car might seem like a straightforward task, but some lesser-known aspects can impact the process and the outcome. Here are ten things you might not know about washing your car:

  1. Avoid Washing in Direct Sunlight:
    • Tip: Washing your car in direct sunlight can lead to water spots and soap drying too quickly. Wash your car in a shaded area or during cooler parts of the day.
  2. Use the Two-Bucket Method:
    • Tip: To prevent swirl marks and scratches, use the two-bucket method. One bucket contains soapy water for washing, and the other is for rinsing your wash mitt.
  3. Start from the Top Down:
    • Tip: Begin washing your car from the top and work your way down. This way, you avoid dragging dirt from the lower parts of the car onto the already-cleaned upper sections.
  4. Choose the Right Soap:
    • Tip: Use a car-specific soap rather than household detergents. Car soaps are designed to clean without stripping away the protective wax layer on your car’s paint.
  5. Rinse Wheels First:
    • Tip: Start by rinsing and cleaning your wheels first. Brake dust and dirt from the wheels can be especially abrasive and may scratch the car’s paint if not addressed separately.
  6. Don’t Forget the Undercarriage:
    • Tip: Periodically clean the undercarriage of your car to remove road salt, grime, and other corrosive substances. This is particularly important in regions with harsh winter conditions.
  7. Use a Microfiber Drying Towel:
    • Tip: Avoid using rough or old towels to dry your car, as they can leave scratches. Opt for a clean microfiber drying towel to prevent swirl marks.
  8. Waxing Matters:
    • Tip: Regularly waxing your car not only enhances its appearance but also protects the paint from environmental elements. Consider applying wax every few months for optimal protection.
  9. Mind the Windows and Mirrors:
    • Tip: Clean windows and mirrors with a glass cleaner designed for cars. Household glass cleaners may contain chemicals that can damage window tint or other car surfaces.
  10. Regular Interior Cleaning:
    • Tip: Keep the interior clean, not just the exterior. Regular vacuuming and wiping down surfaces can help maintain your car’s overall condition and value.

Bonus Tip: Check Local Water Restrictions:

  • Tip: Depending on your location, there may be water usage restrictions. Be mindful of these restrictions and consider waterless or rinseless car wash options if necessary.

Remember that proper car care involves both the exterior and interior. By following these tips and being mindful of the details, you can keep your car looking good and well-maintained for years to come.

The Takeaway

As car owners, we are already aware of the advantages and benefits of frequent car washes. However, we forget them while running back and forth in our busy routines. This quick reminder to get a timely car wash will save you from any car breakdowns. Or else, one will come across a one-time major repair that may leave a hole in your pocket.

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