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Choose a Perfect White Marble Stone for an Exclusive Space!

HomeBusinessChoose a Perfect White Marble Stone for an Exclusive Space!

Creating a space to live or to reflect a degree of elegance, is a fantastic process to go through. It is incredible to look after your home and nurture every little detail about it. And in designing such spaces, stone-like marble plays a vital role. There is no specific guide for choosing anything like marbles for your home. But at the same time, some general standards could help you while purchasing the right stone for your home. Natural stones are widely used in various areas, whether on commercial bases or homewares. But amongst all the wide range of marbles and granite stones, white marble stone has always found its best way to showcase its personality and remains the top priority of all. 

Over the past many years, we all have been witnessing white marbles in different varieties and textures. White marble stones are an elegant-looking stone and an exquisite form of marble that is primarily used in floorings, countertops, tabletops, wall cladding, etcetera. Designing a house follows through the process of making your things alive, to make every element explicit. But before designing your home and adding white marble to it you need to be clear with a few things. 

What All Things One Needs To Look For In A White Marble Stone?

White Marble stone carries the ability to provide your home with personality and character, it defines luxury and attracts every eye that enters the space. The appearance of the marble has not only made everyone feel the chosen ones, but also it has redefined the stone industry into a whole new level of marble industry. 

There might be several things that you need to look at before purchasing any marble stone, especially when it comes to white marble stones.

It is essential to be very critical about things you have been looking for, from the company to the cost of the stones. The entire spectrum of buying a rock for your home brings down to four main points that are mentioned below:

  • Quality
  • Veins 
  • Processing
  • Cost

Check The Quality Of The Marble

White marble stones are one of the most famous forms of marble and are primarily used in all types of houses, whether hallways or the home’s exterior. The multiple usages of marble inclined every person towards its quality. To be specific, there is no standard way of checking the quality of marble or granite stones. Because each stone has its qualities, appearance, attributes and cannot be compared as one entity for all, for instance, one cannot determine the integrity of a stone with the help of fissures or small cracks that appear on the surface of the marble. 

Now the main question arises, how can you tell if the marble is good or not? How can you recognize whether the stone is real or fake?

Again, there is no standard way to determine all these things, but also few details and information can help you not get fooled by a fake white marble stone.

  • Color of the marble stone: The evenness of the color plays a major deciding factor in marbles. Even though a marble slab consists of different patterns and hues of different shades, it never leaves its primary natural color throughout its entire processing.
  • Veins of the stone: Another vital aspect of a marble stone is its veins. It is not possible for different types of stones to have similar veins or patterns on the surface. Every marble has its unique veins, and it reflects its origin. Like white marble stones, they have delicate or sometimes distinct greyish veins with a clear contrast, one of the signs of authenticity. 
  • Glossy Texture: A marble is processed carefully not to lose its original texture and shine. White marble is known for its seemingly beautiful appearance, which comes from the glossy outer surface of the stone. It is not only the most desirable features of a stone but also the most noticeable characteristics which set you apart from the rest. 
  • Knife Test: The knife test is most commonly used by people to test the authenticity of a stone. As many people do not have the equipment and resources to check whether a marble stone is natural or not, a knife test comes in handy. It is very simple to perform; one needs to strike some cuts with a knife or any spark thing on the stone; if the cuts do not appear on the surface or have not damaged the stone in any way, then the stone is most likely to be a manufactured product. 

A commoner can’t become an expert on stones overnight, so we have mentioned some fundamental aspects and a few pieces of information to make you a rational buyer. I hope this information answers all of your basic queries about white marble stones. 

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