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Online Address Verification – Securing The Financial Industry from Rising Frauds

HomeBusinessOnline Address Verification - Securing The Financial Industry from Rising Frauds

For businesses to grow, it is essential to provide high-quality products. But, unfortunately, fraudulent customers are frauding many businesses with chargebacks and other related frauds to gain personal benefits. To combat such frauds and scams, companies have adopted online address verification. 

Address verification authenticates the residential address of the customer and approves it based on the existing customer data. If there is a problem that the address verification services detect with the address, it marks it as unverified. 

Business online address verification has laid multiple benefits for many financial industries whether it is your customer compliance or your business compliance. 

How Does The Software Validate Address?

Online address verification makes sure that the address provided by the customer and their actual residing address are the same. Businesses need to perform this KYC verification to combat multiple frauds and scams. It is deemed necessary, especially in the post-covid world, because companies have already incurred losses. These losses have made the corporate world vulnerable to threats, and it is mandatory to take precautionary measures. 

Therefore, the procedure cannot be performed by the industry’s chunk of data available physically through the internet. Instead, businesses now rely on software solutions that provide them with accurate residential address details. 

Let’s look at the perks to verify the address. 

The Perks of Online Address Verification

A significant percentage of the businesses have authorized data that enhance the services of their company. Hence, multiple businesses acquire such means of verification that assist them to increase their gross revenue and enable them to serve their clients properly. 

Better utilization of Time and Energy

To reduce false and inaccurate communication, businesses adopt online address verification services to verify addresses. It saves time and energy by not delivering products or services to the wrong address. 

Enhances the Customer Experience 

Online address verification allows businesses to provide an enhanced customer experience by eliminating the need to verify addresses and disturbing the client manually. When customers see that businesses adopt healthy practices for their business, they will surely provide dazzling services to their clients. This increases the customer retention time and makes sure that the companies have loyal customers. 

Eliminated Frauds 

The address verification documents that are uploaded must be three months old; make sure that the address is authentic and the customer has not moved to another place, and that they are not trying to fraud the system. 

Reduce the Cost of Manual Verification 

Manual address verification requires businesses to send individuals to clients’ addresses or to gather piles of paper. These verifications are prone to human errors and mistakes. However, it assists firms in saving the cost of mailing and printing. 

Helps Businesses to Comply with KYC Regulations 

All businesses are required to comply with KYC laws when onboarding a customer. This means verifying the customer before a business provides them with their services to avoid money laundering and terrorist financiers. Non-compliance with these laws exposes companies to hefty fines and sanctions. 

Upgrades and Maintains the Business Reputation 

When they comply with changing regulations and provide customers with enhanced services, businesses automatically create a brand reputation. A reputation that is worth holding. Therefore, to validate a customer, it is essential to adopt address verification. 

Minimizes the Expenses of Returned Shipments

One of the most significant losses the businesses have incurred is returned shipments. These losses have occurred due to the lack of an address verification system. Therefore, companies are still prone to these threats. The expenses of returned shipment have amounted to USD 38 billion and are expected to rise in the coming years without verification of address. 

Reduce the Chances of Failed Deliveries 

A prevalent way for merchants to incur failed deliveries is because of a lack of valid addresses. Businesses then have to either pay the delivery fee and give the user the cashback. But with precise validate address verification is real-time address verification. 

Ease in Workflow 

When user experience is enhanced by maintaining records, it is easier for businesses to have a better workflow. With the aid of identity verification services, documents can be kept, allowing companies to efficiently deliver their services to their customers and streamline the business workflow. 


There are many financial industries and other related industries that go through frauds and scams. These frauds have taken a toll on the mental, physical and financial health of employees and business owners. These stressful situations affect work efficiency and produce productive outcomes. But when users verify addresses, businesses can be at ease and provide the best possible product or services by focusing on their primary goal.

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