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How to Keep Your Winter Cabin Toasty Inside

Home Wellness How to Keep Your Winter Cabin Toasty Inside

Your winter cabin is a refuge from the harsh, cold winter temperatures outside. You want your cabin to be warm and toasty so you can enjoy it, while also enjoying the winter weather and having a place to warm up. You can keep your winter cabin toasty by adding insulation, using a fireplace, and utilizing curtains.

Add Insulation

To keep your winter cabin toasty inside you will need to trap heat inside and not let in cold air. This is best done by making sure your cabin is insulated properly. Even if your cabin is currently insulated, you can add more to make sure that you keep as much of the heat inside as possible. The insulation for your winter cabin needs to have a vapor barrier to make sure that warm air doesn’t create condensation inside the walls.  You can add blown-in or fiberglass insulation directly in the attic. You may also need to remove old insulation to replace it with the new.

Use a Fireplace

Using a fireplace is a great way to keep a cabin toasty inside. You want to make sure you have a fireplace that is designed efficiently so it heats efficiently. You can have a wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplace, gas logs, or gas inserts. Gas fireplaces are generally efficient because they don’t need wood to burn, and they can distribute the heat through the cabin. If you utilize a gas log fireplace you will want to make sure that it is the correct size. Using gas logs that are too big is the primary cause of failure for this system.


You can utilize curtains for window coverings which both help retain and create heat. You can open the curtains to let in natural light during the day, which will heat up the interior of your cabin. Once the sun goes down you should close the curtains. This is when temperatures drop, and you will want to keep in the heat. You will want to utilize heavy curtains to help further insulate the windows from letting in any cold drafts.

You want your winter cabin to feel comfortable and toasty. Adding insulation, using a fireplace, and adding curtains are just a few of the many ways that you can keep it this way. Keeping your cabin toasty ensures you will be able to enjoy it all winter long.

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