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What You Need to Do Before Becoming a Photographer

HomeInsightsWhat You Need to Do Before Becoming a Photographer

So you think you want to become a photographer. You like taking pictures and think you’re good enough to use your skills to bring in at least a little extra money on the side. Or maybe you want to make this your new full-time job. Either way, there are some things you should do first if you want to give yourself your best chance at success.

Learn the Basics

Even if you’ve been taking fantastic Instagram pics for years, you still need to learn the basics of photography if you want to become a professional photographer. Learn about basic photography concepts like lighting, depth, and exposure. In-depth knowledge of the basics and how to make them work for you will serve you well. 

You can take photography courses or try doing the research and learning independently if you prefer. Either way, you need to master the basics. You’ll appear more professional when you do your work with confidence thanks to your mastery and your clients will be happier with the results of their photos.

Buy Camera Equipment

You obviously can’t be a photographer without the right photography equipment. Don’t rush out and buy just any camera and lens though. Different types of photography require different equipment to do them correctly. For example, real estate photographers need to invest in wide-angle lenses to capture more of the space. Product photographers, however, will require specific lights that real estate photographers don’t.

Choose Your Niche

That brings us to the next point–choosing your niche. What sort of pictures do you want to take? What sort of pictures are you best at capturing? Do you intend to pursue photography as a hobby or as a profession? If you want to make money as a photographer, you must also consider what niche is most likely to generate the income you need. Consider your local environment, where you’re most likely to get work. It may be worth branching out into a couple of different niches as well. You may find that a single niche doesn’t offer enough work to make the money you want.

As with anything in the art industry, becoming a successful photographer takes hard work and a lot of it. Don’t be afraid to talk to other photographers who have already established themselves and ask them for advice. Work on building both your portfolio and your brand. If you want to take your photography full-time, organize yourself and your time so you can succeed. Be professional in how you dress and speak, especially when you’re out finding clients. And remember, it’s okay to volunteer your services when you’re just starting (if you want to), but once you’ve decided to make it your profession, always insist on being paid for the work you do.

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