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Wondering How to Make New Features in Instagram Rock?

Home Content Marketing Wondering How to Make New Features in Instagram Rock?

The best social media platform instagram came up with new features with the latest update. Improved much that people can be more compatible to use. Fixed bugs that made instagram slower. The recent server down of instagram, Facebook and whatsapp was due to the DNS error of web-domain. The recent update was mainly on its reels, live videos and stories. People claim that when Mark Zuckerberg bought instagram, bugs have increased. But it had been fixing. Lets have a glance on the latest updates:

1. Live video duration

Instagram has increased live video duration. Now anyone go live for upto 4 hours. Previously it was only for an hour. This update was best and no restrictions on long hour live videos. You can also turn off audio and video instagram live video.

2. Linking stickers

Instagram dropped down the swipe up feature of websites and replaced it with stickers. Previously only pages with 10k followers can add website links to their stories. But, now anyone can add direct links of websites to the stories. There’s no need of 10k followers.

3. Filters 

It’s latest update made easy for everyone to search filters. And also it is easy to search trending filters and much more.

4. Audio call

Now you can also audio call anyone. Instagram has added audio call feature in cnversations. 

5. Hide likes and comments for dedicated post

Earlier you would be able to hide likes and comments for all posts. Currently you can do it for the post you want to. The best thing of this update is need not to hide likes and comments for all posts.

6. Restore deleted post

If you have deleted any post mistakenly. You can restore it easily within a month. To do this follow these easy steps;

step-1: Go to settings.

step-2: Click on Account.

step-3: Scroll down and click on recently deleted. Find your post.

step-4: Click on menu and then click on restore.

You can also restore your deleted story in the same steps.

7. Reels duration 

Also reels duration is increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

8. Reels audio 

There’s a small change in reels audio name. You can name your audio of your choice. Earlier there was no option to change. Instagram would named it as original audio.

9. Captions stickers

Instagram added a new feature that automatically generates captions for your stories. It helps people who don’t want to hear and read by scrolling your content. 

10. Publish through desktop

Instagram users can now publish their content through desktop also. 

11. Text translations 

Instagram came up with text translation in stories, posts, bio. You can easily translate text in just one click. 

12. Story draft

You can also save your stories to drafts. 

These were the latest and top updates of instagram. All the new features are very useful and they are easy to use. Hope there are no bugs and all in the latest update. And instagram added many more filters. 

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