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How to Beat Your Brick and Mortar Competition

HomeBusinessHow to Beat Your Brick and Mortar Competition

Consumers have many choices when it comes to making a purchase or seeking out a service. Most likely, your brick-and-mortar shop or small business probably faces competition from similar establishments in your town. Yet, if you plan ahead and think creatively, your brand will be remembered as unique and stand out from the competition.

Use Online Strategies

Even small brick-and-mortar businesses need to have an online presence. According to Insider Intelligence, a basic website is essential, since an internet search is the most popular way for people to find local businesses. Social media accounts can increase traffic to both your website and your storefront. While you can use similar information across social media platforms, also consider the special features and intended audience of each. Whatever platforms you choose, think visually—photos and videos will attract the most viewers and engagement. Complement your online strategy in your business by asking customers to sign up for an email or text list. Sending out regular newsletters and information about specials can bring customers into your store.

Make Your Storefront Attractive

An attractive storefront draws in new customers and makes people feel comfortable and welcome. Make sure the exterior of your building is freshly painted and neatly landscaped, and use strategies like color, lighting, and window displays to draw people’s attention. According to SignEffx Graphics, advertising signs can make your business more attractive from the outside. Use colorful window signs to announce sales and specials. Don’t forget to add graphics to your signs such as pictures or symbols like arrows, stars, or sunbursts. Be creative about sign placement as well. Banners, sidewalk sandwich boards, and feather flags placed on the lawn can all contribute to your overall advertising message.

Build a Unique Brand

Your competition may offer similar products or services, but your business is still one-of-a-kind. Determine what is unique about your business —whether it’s personalized service or prices that beat out the rest—and use it to enhance your branding strategy. A memorable logo and a catchy slogan are effective ways to identify your brand and emphasize your niche or specialty. Brant InStore recommends you keep your slogan short and easy to say, and repeat it throughout your physical and online presence.

Even in a tough market, your brick-and-mortar business can beat out the competition with a few small changes in your marketing strategy. Both your online presence and the physical appearance of your storefront can attract new customers and increase your brand recognition.

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