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Choosing a Reliable Mechanic for Your Car Repairs

HomeBusinessChoosing a Reliable Mechanic for Your Car Repairs

Who would you technically call a mechanic? The answer is a mechanic is a craftsman or you can even call a technically skilled person a mechanic who repairs machinery. He generally uses tools to build, maintain makeover or repair machinery of any type. In this article we will discuss various aspects of vehicle mechanic.  

Qualification of a Mechanic:

We would normally think that a mechanic was an uneducated person. But in reality, they are educated. In fact, they should be able to show at any point in time their certificates to stand as a credential for their qualifications. They should have certification from any trade association or regional government bodies.

Classification of Mechanics:

Mechanics are generally classified Into Two Categories Namely:

  • Heavyweight mechanics
  • Lightweight mechanics

As the name suggests, heavyweight mechanics work on heavy machinery or equipment like tractors, trailers, while lightweight mechanics work on smaller things like automobile engines.

Auto Mechanic:

We already know that mechanics are technically qualified people to do technical related work and they are classified into two broad categories. It must be puzzling to know that the two categories of mechanics are lightweight and heavyweight mechanics, yet we are talking about auto mechanics here. Well, just keep your cool because all of them fall under the category of auto mechanics.

Basically, an auto mechanic is a mechanic who works with cars, car parts along with rectification and modification of car work to make it work differently. But just simply because they are mechanics do they need to know everything about a car. No, they necessarily need not know everything. It would be just as okay if they knew about one specific part of a car. They could be a master of just one part.

What is the Role of an Auto Mechanic?

The role of a mechanic totally depends on why people visit them. People have various reasons to be visiting an auto mechanic it could be to get a new car part or accessory, or to zero down on what the fault is or to add something new or it could be to enhance some part for better performance.

Preventive maintenance is also a part of the duty of auto mechanics, but the scope is limited here. Preventive maintenance is not possible on a vehicle that has zero maintenance all throughout the year. The matter goes beyond the scope of the mechanic.

You would find a mechanic working in a garage where you take your car to get repaired or even in dealer workshops or body repair shops or independent service and repair centres. These people have a vital role to play in the safety of a driver’s life. So it is always in the best of interest to visit an authorized workshop where skilled mechanics are employed.

Evolution in a Mechanic’s Job:

Technology is like a rolling wheel, continuously advancing at an ever-increasing speed. This is bringing in an evolution in the job and scope of a mechanic. In the yesteryears, a mechanic’s job was only mechanical but today it includes electronic technology as part of his job. This is attributed to the modern electronic systems that are incorporated in today’s modern cars. Thus the need for the expansion of their knowledge base further increases, failing which they can very well go out of the market.


You may hear many people telling that a car mechanic’s job is not worth it, but if you have an eye for detail, problem solver and love getting down to the basics of everything then this is the job for you. So what is keeping you back? Go get moving to where your heart is calling you.

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