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14 Factors to consider before choosing online yoga courses

HomeWellness14 Factors to consider before choosing online yoga courses

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Choosing an online yoga certification program that is right for you is not easy. With so many online yoga teacher training providers touting their Yoga Alliance certified programs, determining the best fit for your learning style is especially difficult. However, online yoga videos make learning new techniques, poses, and methods more manageable than studying at a local studio.

Attending one to three live sessions per week can only provide further information. It is more beneficial when you access hundreds or thousands of videos; the possibilities are endless. Because of the development of virtual learning, you can still become a yoga instructor during this challenging period. It could be ideal for getting certified through an online yoga teacher training program that fits your schedule and budget. This article highlights the primary factors that you should assess before selecting your suitable online yoga courses

  1. Choose a yoga style that appeals to you.

Determine whatever style of yoga appeals to you before enrolling in a certification program. There are many different types of yoga to select from. As a result, consulting with mentors is the most excellent way to achieve the proper taste. Determine whether you prefer power yoga, restorative yoga, or something in between.

  1. Go through the whole curriculum.

Don’t fall into a trap by chasing a low-cost program. It could be due to inexperienced instructors or a lack of support. It would help to inspect the entire package and all of the contents. After spending hundreds of dollars on this course, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. 

It’s critical to review the daily routine, meal plan, books, and study materials for necessary reading, yoga as business foundations, final tests, the option to spend more time with teachers for clarification, and, of course, the certification. Make an effort to learn everything there is to know about the laws and regulations of your online certification program.

  1. Check on the Instructor’s Work Experience

It is critical to evaluate your yoga instructor and how much they know about yoga before enrolling in online yoga teacher training. Each online course includes information about the yoga instructor who will teach the class. Before selecting a yoga teacher, make sure you read through these points thoroughly. The best way to find a yoga teacher who has a lot of expertise. However, some classes may feature new professors who teach you new techniques. As a result, before enrolling in any program, research your instructor.

  1. Get Details of how the classes are delivered.

You must choose the best from many options, some of which are not good. Look for a 200-hour online yoga teacher training course covering the history of yoga, philosophy, ethics, anatomy and physiology, poses, breathing exercises, and meditation, among other topics. 

You must discover something that provides a sufficient number of classroom hours. Avoid programs that include pre-recorded lessons and only a few hours of online classroom time.

  1. Make contact with your program’s instructors

Yoga instructors can have a significant impact on your career. Furthermore, yoga training is costly, and you must spend at least six hours with your instructor. That is why you must speak with them to determine which instructors are the best fit for you. 

Keep an eye out for their Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and other social media accounts that can help you understand their ideology, personality, experience, and teaching style. Under the leadership of a supportive, motivated, and disciplined teacher with excellent communication skills, you may feel comfortable and inspired. Try to attend one of their classes if at all possible.

  1. Know the entire duration of the course

It is recommended that someone new to yoga enroll in a course that lasts at least a month. This will ensure that you can gain all of the skills required to become a yoga instructor. If you’re an advanced practitioner, there are also short online yoga courses for teacher training that you may do to become a yoga instructor without spending a lot of time.

  1. Search if a test class is possible before enrolling

Take a few test classes with the instructors you want to train with. This way, you’ll be able to connect with your instructor and figure out which one best suits your personality. You’ll also be able to see if it’s a welcoming and safe workplace.

  1. Ascertain if the program has a vibrant community

The most crucial aspect of online learning is determining whether or not there is an active community (online forum and groups). Online yoga teacher training can be lonely and frustrating at times! Outside the classroom, the support and connection with your peers might help you finish a long program like an online yoga teacher training course.

  1. Calculate the timeline of a single class

Some yoga sessions may spend the first 15 minutes teaching you how to do asanas and then expect you to practice for the rest of the time. On the other hand, some instructors may choose to practice yoga with you throughout the lesson. You need to know how much time you want your instructor to spend with you.

  1. Cross-check if the program works with your schedule

There are specific yoga certification programs available online, depending on the learner’s response. So, think carefully about your time, convenience, and other daily obligations while selecting a virtual teaching training program.

  1. Choose your comfortable language for instructions.

Make the language of instruction one of your primary criteria while searching for online yoga courses. You must be entirely at ease with the teaching method. Yoga is a relaxing practice, and you should not let the medium of instruction prevent you from participating.

  1. Compare the cost

In the online marketplace, you may find a variety of yoga courses. Based on the services they provide, they are all priced differently. Some yoga instructors also offer private, or one-on-one instruction length of the program will also help you determine whether you are paying a fair price for the online course. Some instructors may provide a live session twice a day, while others only offer a two-hour program. Consider this element before making a decision.

  1. Be aware of the terms and conditions.

As an online yoga teacher, you’ll have to make a lot of financial commitments, so be sure you understand everything there is to know about the curriculum. Know exactly what they anticipate of you when it comes to graduating from the program. What will you do if you fail the final exam? Is there a cancellation or refund policy, and if so, what is it? 

What happens if you have to leave for an emergency during the training period? What happens if you sustain a severe injury during a training session? To get the most out of your life, it’s a good idea to think about all the “what ifs” at every turn.

  1. Obtain reviews from previous students

Hearing from former students is the greatest method to gain honest feedback on the school you want to apply for if you know the hard truth about an online yoga certification program. Check out the school’s testimonials or get in touch with former students to learn everything you need to know about the program that the advertisement page doesn’t tell you.

Final Thought

You can select online yoga courses that would provide you with the most benefits at a reduced cost. International instructors adopt some procedures in which cost becomes a deciding factor. It’s critical to choose the best yoga course for your needs. 

Yoga necessitates physical fitness. As a result, be cautious and weigh all variables before enrolling in an online yoga course. It would be beneficial to examine all of the benefits and drawbacks of various methods before deciding how much you are willing to spend for a specific set of services.

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