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Major Obstacles to Graduation for High School Students

HomeEducationalMajor Obstacles to Graduation for High School Students

Graduating from high school is the first step in the journey toward a successful career. However, there are quite a few obstacles that can make it more difficult for them to do so. To help your teenager graduate high school successfully, be aware of the following obstacles.

Academic Obstacles

The first major type of obstacle teenagers face during high school is academics. The last few years of high school especially are some of the most academically rigorous years of an individual’s life. They need to pass high-level, sometimes even college-level classes in order to graduate, which can be immensely difficult. They also need to study and take the ACT and SAT tests for college applications. All of these can make life stressful for high school students, but there are ways to help them. If you have expertise on the subject, you can help them with anything they might have trouble understanding. If it’s above your skill level, you can also hire a tutor that can walk them through their school work.

Behavior Issues

As teenagers are going through high school, they are also encountering a lot of personal behavioral issues that can make things more difficult for them. Their teenage hormones are on the rise, and it can be difficult to control. For example, many teenagers find themselves beginning to struggle with mental health issues and mental illness. These conditions can make it nearly impossible to function normally, let alone do well in school. If your teenager comes to you with mental health issues, or if you notice any symptoms, seek help for them. Youth that receive early interventions are more likely to graduate high school. Therapy, medication, or healthy coping mechanisms have all been shown to help drastically.


Financial Obstacles

If a teenager is going through financial difficulties with their family, it can make graduating from high school incredibly difficult. Many teenagers in low-income areas find themselves needing to drop out of high school before graduation to contribute to their family’s income. They are unable to attend high school because they need to work full-time to help their family with expenses. If you know of a teen that is going through these financial obstacles, see if there are ways you can arrange for them to work while continuing school. Perhaps night school could be beneficial to them.

Graduating high school gives individuals far more opportunities for success than they would have without a high school diploma. It’s important to help teenagers through the obstacles that may stand in the way of graduating from high school. These are a few of the most common obstacles teenagers may face.

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