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Top 3 Health and Wellness Trends in this Year

HomeWellnessTop 3 Health and Wellness Trends in this Year

Are you looking to take your health and wellness to new heights in 2022? Then why not hop aboard and try out these top 3 wellness trends in our article? We guarantee if you incorporate even one of the wellness trends in your weekly routine, you will have a happier and healthier 2022!

What Is Wellness?

Wellness is a whole holistic approach and goes beyond the standard concept of physical and mental health. Wellness encompasses 6 dimensions, including emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. As the body, mind, and spirit are so interconnected, viewing health through a wellness lens can help you come up with creative solutions that can positively impact multiple facets of your life. Now you know what wellness is, let’s look at some exciting wellness trends for 2022, and see if some of these might help you feel a lot better and happier!

1. Breathwork – Simple Yet Effective Wellness Trend

Breathwork is one of those unexpected wellness trends during COVID due to the importance of proper breathing when battling the virus. Millions of people across the world have been practicing breathing exercises to not only strengthen their lungs but also to decrease anxiety and stress. While breathing may seem like such a simple wellness trend, experts have identified that a large percentage of people are breathing incorrectly. Shallow breathing can lead to a whole host of issues, including lack of oxygen, heart and lung disease, and even panic attacks, which is why this wellness trend is so important.

To get started with breathwork, simply breathe in slowly through your nose and focus on expanding your diaphragm. Then hold your breath for a few seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth. As you are exhaling, you should focus on letting all of the tension out of your body and achieving a sense of calm. Due to its lack of required space or equipment and its anti-stress effects, expect breathwork to be one of the top wellness trends in the workplace in 2022.

2. Sleep Hygiene – A More Challenging Trend Than You Think

Are you feeling a little tired and exhausted lately? One of the most common reasons for that is a lot of times, the lack of sleep. In fact, according to the CDC, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. And needless to say, this can lead to a dozen health issues. Thus, sleep hygiene is one of the hottest wellness current trends as more and more people realize just how important proper rest is to all facets of your life. This trend goes much further than your basic advice of getting 8 hours of sleep each night. Instead, sleep hygiene takes a modern wellness approach and looks at sleep as a total package.


So here are some basic sleep hygiene wellness trends to try right now to improve your sleep and better your physical, emotional, and spiritual health:

●       Invest in blackout curtains – Your room needs to be as dark as possible if you want this wellness trend to work!

●       Find a partner – The latest research shows that people in a loving relationship achieve a deeper and better sleep. Do not worry – if you are single, you can always find a great match on online dating sites.

●       Regulating temperature is a must – Humans sleep best when the temperature is between 60 and 67°F (15 – 19 Celsius).

●       Pick a bedtime – Some may think that the bedtime schedule is only for kids, but in reality, adults will benefit from it as much and will bring a plethora of health benefits.

●       Avoid screens at all costs – The blue light emitted from your phone and TV absolutely wreaks havoc on your sleep. To avoid messing up your sleep, you shouldn’t look at screens 2 hours before drifting off to dreamland.

●       A good mattress is worth it – People will spend $50,000 on a car but won’t splurge on a mattress where they spend 30% of their life! But in reality, a quality mattress matters a lot! The difference between a shocking night’s sleep and an amazing deep slumber is often your mattress!

3. Travel – Largest Wellness Trend!


Traveling has always been one of the most popular wellness trends for seniors and young people, given that it brings so many health benefits – from stress relief to creativity, and happiness boost. But, unfortunately, this trend has taken a back seat due to the pandemic. And although the Covid situation remains unstable and somewhat unpredictable, many believe that now with the vaccines the travel will be somewhat safer. So we can expect more people to try this wellness trend in 2022. The travel wellness trend will likely be extremely strong in 2022 as many people haven’t left their city or country since the pandemic happened. Also, since many companies are now offering remote work, people have the freedom to explore different places without using their precious vacation time! Travel experts expect the domestic and international travel trend to boom, with many retirees expected to head to new and exotic locations to satiate the travel bug that grew during COVID.


Now that you know the health and wellness key trends for 2022, it is time to start implementing them to improve your overall life! Feel free to try out one of these if you can even combine our top three wellness trends so that you could have an amazing and happy year! 

Or perhaps you know some other great wellness trends you think would be great? Then feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

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