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Home Maintenance You Need to Start When Winter Ends

HomeWellnessHome Maintenance You Need to Start When Winter Ends

The end of winter is a great time for home maintenance. This is due to winter being one of the harsher weather months in your home. Some areas of home maintenance you may consider are roof repair, driveway repair, and HVAC tuning.

Roof Repair

Roof repair is important when winter ends because the colder temperatures can be hard on your roof. Ice dams can occur during the winter which are caused when warm air from an improperly insulated attic causes snow to melt and refreeze on the edges of your roof. They can also form because of clogs in your gutter. Ice dams can cause further damage to your room. The wind can also damage your roof. It can cause shingles to lift or tear away. Water leaks can pose a problem because any water will freeze when it is cold, which can cause further damage. If there are damaged parts of your roof before winter is over, don’t wait to have them repaired. It is a good idea once it warms up to have your roof inspected to ensure that there won’t be any problems for next winter.

Driveway Repair

Driveway repair may be necessary after winter. Again, with freezing temperatures water will freeze. Any cracks that were in your driveway before can get bigger because of the freezing water inside of them. Repair any cracks so they won’t get larger. You can also do preventive measures to keep your driveway functional, such as sealcoating. Sealcoating your asphalt protects your driveway from weather and regular wear over time

HVAC Tuning

The end of Winter into Spring is a great time for maintenance on your HVAC. This helps you prepare for when the weather starts to warm up and you need to start using your air conditioning. You can start by clearing the outdoor system of any debris. Perform an inspection to make sure there is no damage. The changing of the seasons is also a good time to replace your HVAC filter which will help your system be more efficient. Have your HVAC services by a professional to ensure the system is working properly.

Home maintenance will help your home keep functioning well and looking nice. After winter is a great time for some maintenance items as there can be damage from the cold months. To get started on your home maintenance consider roof repair, driveway repair, and HVAC tuning.

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